Hot temperatures create burden for homeless

Published: Jun. 17, 2022 at 9:20 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - With temperatures getting worse, people have no way out of this heat wave.

A few people of Jonesboro’s homeless population said with how hot it has been recently, they are trying to find as much shade and water as possible.

The National Weather Service issued and extended heat advisories throughout the week, advising people to stay inside during peak hours and stay hydrated.

For some, that just isn’t an option.

“Um, 95 percent of the day,” Amber Wade said, regarding how much time of the day she spends in the heat.

She said things have been tough as the temperatures continue to rise.

“Like what am I going to do? It’s like, well, what is my next step? It kind of makes it kind of hard,” she said.

Wade looks for relief from the heat as soon as the sun comes up and even after it goes down. She added the homeless community knows there are not a lot of options.

“Most of the people I run into, they are just like, “You just have to stay cool,” she said. “And they let me know this is common and just how it is.”

Despite the heat, Wade tries to stay positive, adding that has been the biggest help right now.

“It’s overwhelming sometimes, and it just is what it is,” she said.

Wade said she hopes for more places to open because there are a lot of people needing help cooling down and staying hydrated, just like her.

A spokesperson for the City of Jonesboro said facilities are open during the day for people to get out of the heat. However, research revealed the facilities are only open during certain hours.

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