Jonesboro based business saves lives during Fourth of July parade shooting

Published: Jul. 5, 2022 at 9:14 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - A day after a mass shooting in Highland Park Illinois a business started here in Jonesboro had employees help save the lives of many.

7 were killed and dozens were wounded in a shooting at a parade in the quiet suburb, during the hysteria many rushed to safety in Gearhead, a store founded in Jonesboro. After their owner watched the security footage, he could not believe the bravery of his employees.

“To watch the doors and see people just stumbling all over is crazy,” said Ted Herget. “Kids were everywhere and to watch my employees bring people to safety was awesome.”

In security video the stores manager helps guide men women and children to safety in the basement of the store in what Herget called a heroic effort.

“When that instinct came together to watch him how he’s grabbing people rushing them in the basement of that store I think he had over 100 people which is incredible,” said Herget. “I mean I’m glad that we were open.”

Herget said in fatal situations like the one in Highland Park it’s important to remember the effects are felt everywhere.

“The collateral damage of these types of actions is unbelievable,” said Herget. “Who would’ve thought a Highland Park shooting could be directly connected to Jonesboro.”

Hegert said it might sound difficult but in times like this it’s important to just try and stay positive.

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