Popular intersection to add new traffic light

Published: Aug. 4, 2022 at 7:02 PM CDT
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BROOKLAND, Ark. (KAIT) - A trip through Brookland is going to have one extra stop soon.

Following a string of crashes on Highway 49, the Arkansas Department of Transportation will be adding a traffic light.

The light will go at the intersection of Highway 49 and County Road 762, also known as Pinelog Road.

Brookland Mayor Kenneth Jones said it’s all in the name of safety.

“We want to get to point A to point B as quickly as we can, I know that,” he said. “However, you have to think about the safety and the safety of your family members that a traffic signal may protect.”

While traffic lights don’t prevent all crashes, ArDOT District 10 Engineer Brad Smithee said it will change what you would usually see.

“You create a lot more rear-end type accidents,” he explained. “You know, the light turns red, I stop, you’re behind me, don’t realize it and run into me just things like that.”

Smithee said the goal is to prevent crashes, but if they can make an intersection safer, they will do it.

Mayor Jones said he knows some people will not be too happy with the decision, but when it comes to protecting his residents, he will do anything he can.

“Yes, it may slow you down a little bit, but that’s only about 12 or 15 seconds being stopped at a signal light versus being stopped out there for hours because of an accident or someone losing their life,” said Jones.

ArDOT is still determining costs on the project, but Jones hopes to have it done within the next two years.

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