CONSUMER ALERT: Preparing for utility bill rate changes

Published: Aug. 19, 2022 at 6:56 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - When most people hear their electric bill going up, they start watching their wallet closely, but one electric company is saying don’t fret yet.

The Craighead County Electric Cooperative announced starting Oct. 1, rates will be increased by about 9.3%.

Marketing Director Jon Carmack said considering the numbers have not been changed in over 10 years, the raise is not too significant.

“Since the last rate change in 2010, inflation has gone up almost 36%, and the fact that we are only having to increase our revenue with the rate change by about 9.3% goes to show how efficient the cooperative model is,” he said.

On average, Carmack said your average customer will see an increase of $14.13 to their bill.

Carmack said even though the change might seem small, he knows it will be tough for some people, especially those who have multiple meters.

He encourages them to look into ways of lowering their bill

“You can invest in energy efficiency,” Carmack said. “It might be time to look into increasing the efficiency of your house, things like that.”

You can increase the efficiency of your house by replacing your HVAC system and making sure your attic is properly insulated.

However, there is a way for people to speak out against the raise.

The Craighead County Electric Cooperative is giving people a chance to fill out a petition.

“The petition against the rate change is out there you would have to contact PSC if you had an interest in looking into that petition,” Carmack said.

For a copy of the petition, you can contact the Arkansas Public Service Commission at 501-682-2051.