New attendance policy raises concerns from parents

Published: Aug. 26, 2022 at 9:45 PM CDT
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HAYTI, MO. (KAIT) - As the bell rang and students started their first week of school in Hayti, they were met with a strict new attendance policy.

“My first reaction, it says ‘absence without no excuse, Saturday school or detention’ That should not be called for,” said a Hayti community member.

The district posted the new policy online, with a goal for students to attend school 95% of the school year.


Some parents feel like the new policy is reasonable for students.

“I felt like the policy was not okay. I felt like it was too strict, but after reading over it I think it benefits the older kids better,” Loretta Williams said.

Others said the alternative school days in response to absences will hurt students.

“Making them go to school on Saturdays and then summer school. Nobody can help when they get sick,” Michelle Waller said.

One of the guidelines in the new policy stated if a student has five absences, the student will be retained and must go to summer school.

“They need structure right now, in this day and time,” Williams said.

Another woman said it is inconsiderate to what a child may be going through at home.

“Because you never know what people are going through, you never know their problems, you never know anything. So why,” said a community member.

A few students who did not want to go on camera agreed they felt unheard when they saw this policy.

Region 8 News reporter Imani Williams reached out to the school district for comment during school hours Friday, Aug. 26.

The principal of Hayti High School said he did not want to comment on the policy and referred us to the school district superintendent, but they have yet to respond.