“It helps remove financial barriers”: A-State student awarded scholarship

Published: Sep. 15, 2022 at 12:45 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Every year the Washington Media Scholars Foundation awards 50 scholarships to students in need across the country. This year, one of those recipients is a student at Arkansas State University.

Every 15 minutes, the clock tower at A-State rings out across the campus. Each chime signifies a new start. Whether it be the first song of a new semester or just the Tuesday bell that says, “Hey, it’s 9:30!” it brings a constant string of new beginnings.

Many students, like Sydney Green, find their own new beginnings at universities across the country every year. However, the price of those fresh starts is not cheap.

Green is a sophomore strategic communications major from Jonesboro. She said she’s carrying on a family legacy by attending A-State. However, she, like so many others, is paying for school out of her own pocket. When that’s the case, scholarships can be the difference that helps students avoid choosing between rent or tuition.

Thankfully for Green, she is the recipient of a $1,500 scholarship from the Washington Media Scholars Foundation and KAIT-TV’s parent company, Gray TV.

“To receive this scholarship means a lot because I am paying for my college myself and working toward getting it paid through scholarships. It means a lot to me because it really aligns with my career path,” Green said. “But it also helps remove a lot of financial barriers that would otherwise make things a lot harder for me.”

She aspires to work as a creative director, working alongside causes she is passionate about

“I’m really passionate about healthcare. I want to better the healthcare field,” she said. “And I’m passionate about anything to do with activism, any non-profit type organization.”

Now, as the first recipient of the scholarship from Arkansas, she’s one step closer to that goal.