Out-of-state warrant limits resources in Monday evening manhunt

Published: Oct. 4, 2022 at 5:02 PM CDT
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HARDY, Ark. (KAIT) - A manhunt is over in Fulton and Sharp Counties.

Authorities were searching for Anthony Caplinger, who was originally from California.

The search for Caplinger began on Monday morning on Booth Road near Hardy.

Authorities were alerting residents to lock their cars and homes because they feared the suspect had a gun.

In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, a call was placed to 911, with someone saying they had just seen the suspect.

“The McDonalds was closing, but the employees were still inside,” said Rose. “They called 911 after Caplinger knocked on their door wanting to use their phone.”

Hardy Police Chief Scott Rose and his department were there quickly and found Caplinger in a rather unique spot.

“Officers within ten seconds was already on scene. We were close by,” said Rose. “He was behind a dumpster. He had ran and hid behind a dumpster in the Mcdonald’s parking lot where officers were able to take him into custody without incident.”

Once officers had him subdued and read his rights, Chief Rose asked Caplinger why he ran from police.

“He knew he had warrants. He knew he was wanted in California and was in trouble for the stuff he had done here,” said Rose. “He said he was just scared.”

Rose said he didn’t regret telling citizens to lock their doors because, at the time, police had reason to believe the man was armed and dangerous.

Due to an issue with charges in the state, certain resources, such as a dog search team, were unavailable.

“Unfortunately, you know this was a situation with an out-of-state warrant,” said Rose. “Our charges were not completely through yet, therefore, our resources are limited on what we could get.”

Rose said Caplinger could face additional charges for his role in yesterday’s manhunt.