HIDDEN HAUNTS: Senath Light and Crybaby Bridge

Published: Oct. 29, 2022 at 3:45 PM CDT|Updated: Oct. 29, 2022 at 10:31 PM CDT
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SENATH, Mo. (KAIT) - A short drive across the Arkansas border sits Senath, Missouri.

The Senath Light

A town with the slogan “Cotton Country”, but also a town where scary rumors float around or even light up the sky.

“I’ve never seen the light, but I’ve talked to a lot of people that have,” said Omar Karnes, Senath police chief.

The Senath Light is a story passed down for generations.

The story starts down a dirt road where a tree once stood, a tree where it is said a person was hung.

Now if someone drives down that county road and flashes their headlights three times, a couple of things may happen.

“The light, when it shines on your car it will peel the paint off your car causing it to bubble up. Most of them say the car won’t start up until after the light leaves,” said Karnes.

Karnes has lived in Senath for decades.

“There are people that swear it’s there. There is all kind of stories I’ve heard all my life,” he said.

Although many have their theories of where the Senath Light originates it may just be science.

“There have been people investigating it, some say it is just swamp gas,” he said.

Karnes said around Halloween interest spikes in paranormal activity.

Crybaby Bridge

Another place in Dunklin County that attracts people is Crybaby Bridge.

“You get out there, it’s eerie, just waiting. It’s eerie,” said Karnes.

Water trickles into the ditch.

That is where the tale of a crying baby begins.

“First story I heard, there was a house on the ditch bank years ago. A man and a woman had a baby and lived there. Something happened and he was gone, the baby was crying and wouldn’t be quiet,” he said. “So she threw the baby in the ditch, drowned it. Then she couldn’t take the pressure, so she jumped in the ditch and drowned.”

This bridge connects two dirt roads. It’s said if a person stands on the bridge and recites the Lord’s prayer backward the baby will cry and the mother will appear from the water.

“One person got scared, it spread pretty quickly, and everybody started panicking,” said Karnes.

The police chief said he has not been to either location in a while, but this Halloween he may take a brave trip there.

“This October, this Halloween, might be a good time to test it out. I’m going to test it out if I get somebody to go with me,” said Karnes.