HIDDEN HAUNTS: The spirits of a downtown Jonesboro business

Published: Oct. 31, 2022 at 10:46 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - A downtown business, Spiritual Awakenings and Healing Center, may be home to some spirits.

For more than a year now, those who work in the decades-old building said they have experienced things from the other side.

“A lot of activity tonight,” Co-owner Roy Tanksly said.

On a dark Friday night, the owners, anchor and chief investigator reporter Chris Carter joined paranormal investigator Doug Cousins on a hunt for spirits.

We set out to find who may be calling this decades-old building home.

We began in a small room with basic questions, ones that can be answered with a simple yes or no.

“It wasn’t scary,” Tanksley said. “We kind of ran out of things to ask because it was only yes or no. They couldn’t come out and give us a whole life story.”

On the night we visited, whoever calls this building home had some stuff to say and our video caught something a little out of the norm.

“We had orbs, which are like little lights, just pouring down,” Tanksley said.

The entity we spoke to using EMP readers said it had never lived in human form.

“Whoever we were talking to is pretty good. Pretty cheerful,” Cousins said. “Seemed like they had a sense of humor at one point.”

The reaction on a Friday night in 2022 was a little different than a year ago when we did our first hunt!

At that time, the spirits were getting a little too friendly with KAIT-8′s News Director.

Cousins has a theory as to why the reactions of whatever we encountered were different.

“I don’t think we talked to the same person we did a year ago,” Cousins said.

Throughout our hunt this year, we used new ways to communicate including a pendulum and tarot cards.

We don’t know what we actually dealt with, but Cousins believes they are friendly.

“Peaceful,” Cousins said about what sort of spirit lives in the building. “In peace.”

“They’re everywhere. Like everything else, we have to live together,” Tanksley said.

Cousins is still reviewing the audio from our hunt.

Last year, we did not get any feedback from our encounters.