Bono police officer resigns for having sex on duty

Published: Nov. 15, 2022 at 11:21 AM CST
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BONO, Ark. (KAIT) – A long-time Bono police officer is off the job after he turned himself in for ethics violations.

According to Police Chief Michael Parrish, Officer Jeff McGinnis resigned on Nov. 1, after he self-reported having sex while on duty.

Parrish said the officer of nearly 10 years turned himself into the chief and mayor after an encounter with an adult female was accidentally recorded on McGinnis’ department-issued body camera.

McGinnis said the body cameras pre-record before being activated, and at some point during the sexual encounter, McGinnis’ body camera was activated, then turned off. Parrish said about two minutes of the encounter was captured on camera.

The encounter took place at the woman’s home, according to Parrish, who also said that McGinnis alluded to the encounter being captured on camera as the first time he had had sexual relations while on duty.

Bono’s mayor asked for McGinnis’ resignation at the time he self-reported, and McGinnis turned it in at that time, Parrish said.

The Bono Police Department conducted an investigation into the incident to determine if the relationship was consensual and the female was of age. It was determined the female was of age, and the relationship was consensual.

Parrish said as part of McGinnis’ resignation, it was reported to the state standards board that McGinnis resigned while under investigation; however, Parrish said there was nothing criminal about McGinnis’ actions.

Parrish said McGinnis has been disciplined in the past.

According to Parrish, McGinnis was reprimanded for not properly using his body camera when the department first started using them, and he was also written up for not properly collecting evidence.

Region 8 News has requested the personnel file of McGinnis. The city of Bono said it was checking with attorneys on whether it could be released or not.

Parrish said he is currently conducting interviews to fill the open position.