‘What I do is soul-training’: Mental health speaker returns to JHS

Published: Dec. 2, 2022 at 5:55 PM CST
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - A familiar face made her way to students at the Jonesboro High School to talk about mental health.

On Friday, Dec. 2, students sat in to listen to Rachel Joy Baribeau, the founder of “I’m Changing the Narrative”, which is a movement to promote positive mental health and good love for everyone.

Baribeau not only challenged students to be a “noticer” and “joy starter”, but she also encouraged students to not force others to reach out when they are having a crisis and instead, reach in and help.

“What we’re doing is equipping these kids, these teachers with life-long lessons. What I call what I do is soul-training. So they’re going to get their balance their checkbook, home-economics class, calculus, they’re going to get all that. I’m talking about your soul,” Baribeau said.

She said the greatest thing she gets to do is find what sets people’s souls on fire, and her sharing her story helps do just that..

Baribeau spent time with students focused on mental health, particularly suicide, grief, and loving yourself.

Senior Sydney Parker said she was impacted so much by Baribeau’s visit last semester that she created a student leader group called “Don’t Suffer Alone”

“Rachel came last year and what she said just really spoke to me. I heard her a couple of different times and after talking to her after the day she said that a lot of people needed help, so, I really take that to heart and doing something about it,” Parker said.

Parker wanted all the students within the district to know “you’re not alone, there’s always someone there listening.”

Baribeau said she’s gained true friendship with Jonesboro High School, adding being friends with the support staff, therapists, and counselors has allowed them to help students in a joint effort. Something she wants to give to the world.

You can learn more about “I’m Changing the Narrative” by clicking here.