Locals pay respects on anniversary of Pearl Harbor attack

Published: Dec. 7, 2022 at 6:23 PM CST
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Dec. 7, 1941, a day which will live in infamy.

On that day, Japanese forces launched a strike on a United States naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, killing more than 2,400 Americans in the process.

It was a moment that drew the U.S. into one of the bloodiest wars of all time.

On Wednesday, 81 years after that fateful day, veterans and locals alike gathered at the Craighead County Courthouse to pay their respects to those who lost their lives.

They made sure to talk mostly about two men from Monette who died on the U.S.S. Arizona: Charles Revere and Charles Hardin.

“They were lost in the pages of history, but I dug the names up and I call their roll every year,” said Danny Honnoll. “We have bricks at our courthouse every year in honor of them so they will not be forgotten.”

Honnoll, the Commander of the Local Sons of the American Legion, explained it is always special to see people who have connections to the day come out and give their salute to service.

He stressed on days like Dec. 7, no matter what we do, there is no way we can really thank those who gave their lives for their service.

“We cannot stop long enough or honor them long enough,” Honnoll said. “I hope everyone stops today and at least a small prayer for the victims and the casualty of World War Two and especially of Pearl Harbor and the U.S.S. Arizona.”