Dog owners dealing with a rise in dog flu cases

Rise in dog flu cases
Published: Dec. 13, 2022 at 6:34 PM CST
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(WFSB) - Dog owners across the country are dealing with a rise in the cases of dog flu.

It’s similar to what humans get.

There are a lot of similarities in the symptoms, reactions and care for the dogs that contract this virus.

It’s actually two viruses. They are a lot alike and while other states are seeing a high rate of increase in cases, Connecticut and New England are not.

But that doesn’t mean dog owners shouldn’t be vigilant when it comes to caring their animals.

“The common signs of the dog flu are coughing, runny nose lethargy, fever,” said Dr Heidi Morey, Owner of the Fenton River Veterinary Hospital. “Every dog is a little different, a lot of dogs won’t show any signs at all. Some will have just minor respiratory symptoms.”

We aren’t reaching any danger levels just yet, but many dog lovers weren’t even aware of the virus’ existence.

“I had no idea, when you said that, my first instinct was to leave the dog park. But I’m glad I have this information and what to look out for,” said Pat Bengtson of Wethersfield.

“it’s good to know, I think I’ll still keep bringing her here. I think I’ll still keep bringing her back to the park, we do a lot of walking on our own as well,” said Kelly Martin of Rocky Hill.

Dr. Morey said the Dog Flu vaccine isn’t for every dog, but for those dogs that are compromised or more suspectable to the virus, the vaccine is a good idea.

“Dogs that are younger or older are more susceptible. If they have a suppressed immune system that can make it worse as well,” Morey said.

Morey said those dogs in the range of 7 and older are the dogs in which the vaccine might be the best option to avoid the flu.