Pregnant woman says Apple Watch warning saved her life

Published: Jan. 20, 2023 at 10:14 AM CST
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COSTA MESA, Calif. (KCAL) - A pregnant woman rushed to the hospital after her smart watch kept warning that something was wrong.

“I literally thought I was going to die,” Jess Kelly said. “There were so many doctors and stuff in there.”

Kelly is sounding the alarm about how her Apple Watch may have saved her life and the life of her new baby girl.

“I had been laying in bed ... not feeling well. I didn’t know if it was my morning sickness coming back my third trimester or if it was because I was getting my son’s stomach flu,” Kelly said. “And so, I wasn’t doing any sort of activity, so I thought it was really odd that it was telling me my heart rate was going over 120 beats per minute.”

The mom still had a few weeks until her due date. She said her Apple Watch kept chirping at her that her heart rate was high and each warning that appeared on the screen added to her worries.

“It went off the first time and I thought it was strange. Then the second time maybe ten minutes later or so and then the third time, I think, was maybe a half hour or so later,” Kelly said. “And when it went off the third time, I thought OK something is going on.”

Kelly went straight to the hospital, which is exactly what Dr. Brian Kolski would recommend. The cardiologist at the Providence St. Joseph Hospital doesn’t treat Kelly but he has patients who are prescribed Apple Watches to detect certain heart conditions.

“Sounds like it was accurate and one of the first signs when people are in trouble, whether it’s low blood pressure, bleeding, is an elevated heart rate,” Kolski said.

Kelly arrived in full-blown labor, her blood pressure was dropping, and she was losing blood due to a pregnancy complication known as placenta abruption. Yet a healthy baby, Shelby Marie, was born three hours later.

Kelly said she is so grateful to the doctors, nurses and for her Apple Watch.

“Listen to it. It’s not just a text message, help you find your phone alert,” Kelly said. “It’s to pay attention to it and listen to your body.”