50th anniversary of landmark decision brings out protestors

Supporters of Roe Vs. Wade protest in Jonesboro
Published: Jan. 22, 2023 at 9:01 PM CST
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Protesters lined up on Main Street in Jonesboro Sunday, Jan. 22 to support a cause several states away.

Supporters in Jonesboro joined an effort to support pro-choice rights in Wisconsin. The protest in Wisconsin wants to convince voters to oust a conservative majority in the state supreme court election and repeal an 1849 law that went into effect when Roe vs. Wade fell in 2022.

Christina Smith, a protestor, said she was there to lend her support to the cause.

“We’re here and everyone and everyone else in the nation, this is a nationwide protest, is here to show that not only are we are we concerned about reproductive in Wisconsin, but we’re concerned about reproductive right everywhere,” she said.

She said the group there was also concerned about reproductive rights in Arkansas, saying they were worried after the election of Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

“We are trying to stand in unification to show that everywhere in the nation, we want reproductive rights here, and we want those rights now and we’re not going to stop until we get those rights,” she said.

She said she and other protestors planned on continuing protests throughout the year.