Greene County Sheriff’s Department offers help to citizens

Published: Jan. 31, 2023 at 5:35 PM CST
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PARAGOULD, Ark. (KAIT) - The Greene County Sheriff’s Department is lending a hand to its community.

The department announced on Facebook on Monday, Jan. 30 it would bring prescription medications to those who couldn’t reach a pharmacy. Greene County Sheriff Brad Snyder said his department is in a position to help, and it keeps people off the roads.

“We are already out on patrol and so it’s easy for us to be available, provided there are no calls for service,” he said.

Snyder said he didn’t want anyone to go without their medicine because of the road conditions.

“There are medications that people can’t do without. I mean, they are life-threatening if they don’t get them and so we want to be able to be there and we have that ability to get that medication to them,” he said.

Snyder knows there’s a group of people who can’t reach their pharmacies either.

“Our community is full of elderly people that may not even have a vehicle and our pharmacies may or may not be equipped to be able to travel in these road conditions,” he said.

In addition to picking up prescriptions, the department is also offering rides to medical professionals, whether they are going to or from work.

“Our community needs medical workers. There are things that must be dealt with today even though the weather is bad, whether that be dialysis, emergency surgery, or things like that,” he said.

Snyder said he isn’t expecting road conditions to get better in the next few days, so his department will continue to offer its services to the residents of Greene County.

“We’ll be glad to get those medical professionals to and from work and to take care of the prescriptions if somebody needs something,” he said.