Senate bill to take write-in candidates off ballot

Published: Feb. 14, 2023 at 6:46 PM CST
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - With claims of election fraud stemming from the 2020 general election, an Arkansas lawmaker is hoping to fix one aspect of the problem.

If passed, Senate Bill 254 will take write-in candidates off the ballot.

District 3 Senator Steve Crowell of District 3 is the sponsor of the bill. He explained the state election commission suggested the legislation and the write-in process is something that isn’t needed anymore.

“We’re taking out the write-in candidates because there really is no write-in candidates. What we’ve experienced is it’s Elvis Presley, Donald Duck, and Superman. So we’re trying to streamline it and make it simpler for everybody and protect the voters to have an actual voice,” he said.

Crowell said taking away the write-in option keeps everyone on an equal field.

“This way, you just petition or fill out the form, and your name is printed on the ballot. It just keeps everyone at the same standard,” he

State Representative Bart Schulz of District 28 is also a primary sponsor of the bill. He said he wants his constituents to have clarity and not confusion when filling in their ballot.

“I’ve been involved in a lot of elections, so I see the point to try and reduce confusion because I know I’ve voted my whole adult life,” he said. “Sometimes I walk out of the polling center, and I’m really confused by some of that. This is just an effort to straighten that up a little bit.”