Couple tries to save cat on their own

Published: Feb. 21, 2023 at 10:46 PM CST
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LAKE CITY, Ark. (KAIT) - A couple in Lake City took matters into their own hands when trying to rescue a cat stuck up a tree.

The cat was spotted by Charles Snyder when he was out fishing by a levee close to County Road 818 in Lake City.

“Just hate to see anything stranded, you know,” he said.

He snapped a picture and video of the cat and sent it to Sandra Voyles, who couldn’t bear leaving it in the tree.

“It will die, sitting up there,” she said.

The couple is no strangers to rescuing animals. A couple of their pets were rescued from the area the cat was stuck.

They were concerned by how long the cat had been up in the tree. It was spotted on Monday afternoon, but they don’t know how long it had been up there already.

Voyles tried to make calls to the police and fire department, as well as the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, who said there was nothing to be done.

So Voyles and Snyder took matters into their own hands.

“Charles went out there in his kayak to try to tie that swimming pool to the tree with some food in it to see if we can get that cat to come down into the swimming pool,” she said.

The couple also put cat food on dry ground.

As night fell, the couple decided to leave for a moment. They thought the cat might be too shy with people around.

They came back around 10 p.m., and the cat came down; Snyder tried to reach the cat with his kayak again, but the cat climbed back up the tree, out of reach.

They brought a pet carrier and placed some food in it, hoping the cat would be hungry enough to come down and eat.

The cat came down again but it ran off further into the trees.

Snyder will not give up on the cat. He and Voyles want to make sure the cat finds a home if they can rescue it.