Student tased by police during fight

Published: Mar. 15, 2023 at 9:35 PM CDT
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GOSNELL, Ark. (KAIT) - A Gosnell police officer tased a student at Gosnell High School during a fight Tuesday.

The fight happened around between Monterria Hancock and another student. In body cam footage provided by Anna Jones, Hancock’s grandmother, a police officer was seen running towards the fight and warning Hancock.

“I’m gonna tase you, I’m gonna tase you if you don’t stop, Hey! Do you want me to tase you? Stop,” he said.

A few seconds later, he tased her.

Natasha King is Hancock’s mother; she was shocked by what she saw.

“When I seen the footage and I seen how the officer was the one actually doing all that nonsense and just being so excessive and forceful with her, it just took me to a whole different level,” she said.

King said her daughter was charged with disorderly conduct and suspended for ten days, penalties that worry her.

“This is her first fight ever, I have records to show,” she said.

To make matters worse, King said no one was contacted about the fight or tasing.

“I was in class in Tennessee, and I just so happen to check my phone and I got a text from my daughter saying, ‘Mom, I was in a fight, and I was tased but I’m ok, stay at school,” King said.

Throughout the video, the police officer asked about Hancock’s mother, saying that he knows her; he asked her about her grandmother and told Hancock someone would contact them. Both mom and grandmother said that didn’t happen.

“I didn’t know anything, and I work at the junior high school in Gosnell, right across the field from the high school and no one informed that about the fight,” Jones said.

Jones was also concerned her granddaughter was not with a parent or guardian when she was with the police.

“I was not there, you got her in an office talking to her and she’s a juvenile. I should have been present,” she said.

Toward the end of the 30-minute body camera video provided by Hancock’s grandmother, the same officer who tased her can be heard comforting her (See below).

Region 8 News reached out to the Gosnell School District for comment, which said it is investigating the situation, and the Gosnell Police Department, which said it could not comment on an ongoing investigation.

WATCH: Full video of Gosnell student being tased by police officer during school fight

Uncut video of a Gosnell police officer reportedly tasing a student at the high school during a fight.