Completion of months long project lights up downtown

Published: May. 13, 2023 at 10:04 AM CDT
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LEACHVILLE, Ark. (KAIT) - A group started beautifying the downtown area of Leachville, but a tornado on December 10, 2021, stopped that progress in its tracks.

Now the group is continuing the work they started, one project at a time.

“Our hearts are warm. It just shows that this project and the pride in this town is an outpour of love of people who want to see Leachville do better, be better,” said Jerred Price, president of the Leachville Beautification Corp.

Dozens of people from all parts of the county gathered in downtown Leachville Friday night coming, for one cause, to light downtown up again.

The Leachville Beautification Corp start the Main Street Memorial Lamp Post project to, not only continue its journey of beautifying the town but also to keep the memories of those gone bright.

“Each one is a light that will keep that family, that loved one alive for many years to come,” said Price.

Melanie Hemans and her husband traveled from Missouri for the event.

“These were my uncles, Gabe and John Taylor, and they owned the grocery store that used to be over there by the hospital,” she said.

Her family purchased a lamp post in memory of her family who once lived in Leachville.

She said this simple light means something special to her and her family.

“It will be like shining a light on the street that my family walked up and down all the time,” she said.

Now that this project is over, the organization is now working to create a space for a stage and open seating in the downtown area.