Jonesboro woman plans to move after finding multiple opossums in her house

Published: May. 18, 2023 at 6:03 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - A few unexpected visitors have one Jonesboro family ready to move.

According to Zakkiyyiah Brown, she and her family have been forced to live with seven opossums since last week.

It all started on Thursday, May 11, when Brown noticed the first one while she was in the bathroom painting her toenails.

“I looked a couple of times and thought I saw something but the third time there was something, it was on the side of my foot just sitting there,” Brown said.

The most interaction has Brown fed up with the situation.

She said she found one who was just looking to hang out in the bathroom.

“Earlier this morning my kids were getting ready for school my daughter went to go brush her teeth and it was just hanging on the towel rack, just hanging out, my son my 13-year-old kind of trapped him in and grabbed it,” Brown said.

Opossums are mostly nocturnal but are sometimes seen in daylight, especially when food is scarce.

The last few were caught during the day, and Brown said that is enough for her and her family to move.

“Now that they are coming out in the daytime it’s time to go because it’s been the last two, we caught in the morning before the kids go to school in the bathroom so it’s just like I’m out,” Brown said.

She was able to catch three of them, but she said there are still four loose.

Brown also said there has not been too much help getting them out.

Brown called Jonesboro Animal Control last Thursday, but as of Thursday, May 18, she still has not heard anything.

“They never showed up, thankfully the police did though, but no animal control,” Brown said.

Brown talked to her landlord and is set to move out by next week.