Pauline Meyer and Camryn Newton-Smith in spotlight Saturday at NCAA Track & Field Championships

Arkansas State senior Pauline Meyer advanced to the NCAA women's steeplechase final
Arkansas State senior Pauline Meyer advanced to the NCAA women's steeplechase final(Source: Brendan Maloney)
Published: Jun. 2, 2023 at 5:54 PM CDT|Updated: Jun. 9, 2023 at 10:51 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Four Arkansas State athletes qualified for the 2023 NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships.

Arkansas State senior Camryn Newton-Smith shone in the second and final day of the heptathlon, starting her day with the long jump. The Sun Belt Field Performer of the Year went 20 feet, 8 and a half inches, finishing 4th in the event. She would then score a season-best in the javelin, launching it 148 feet, 4 inches to finish third. Newton-Smith ran a personal-best 2 minutes, 25 seconds to finish 15th in the final event of the heptathlon.

With a personal-best score of 5,887, Newton-Smith earns First Team All-American honors by finishing 8th.

Pauline Meyer finished 8th in the 3000-meter steeplechase final this evening, crossing the finish line at 9 minutes, 50 seconds, earning First Team All-American honors.

Newton-Smith started the heptathlon Friday afternoon. The Sun Belt champion ran a personal best 13.71 seconds in the 100m hurdles, good for 10th. She racked up more points after a strong showing in the high jump. Camryn cleared 5 feet, 7 3/4 inches. A 3rd place result moved her up to 7th overall. Next up was the shot put. She launched it 41 feet, 3 inches. A 10th place result kept Newton-Smith in the top 10 overall. The Friday finale was the 200 meters. The Australian crossed the line in 25.72 seconds.

Bradley Jelmert competed in the men’s pole vault Wednesday evening. He had a flair for the dramatic, clearing 16 feet, 10 3/4 inches on his 3rd and final attempt. The bar rose to 17 feet, 4 1/2 inches, Jelmert cleared it on his 2nd attempt. But that was his last successful clearance, he clipped the bar on his final try at 17 feet, 10 1/2 inches. The New Jersey native finished 20th, he’ll earn Honorable Mention All-American honors.

Aimar Palma Simo stepped in the circle Wednesday afternoon in the men’s hammer throw. The Spaniard had three successful attempts, his last one was his best one. 220 feet, 6 inches for the reigning Sun Belt champion. Palma Simo finished in 20th, he’ll earn Honorable Mention All-American honors.

Wednesday, June 7th

Aimar Palma Simo - 20th in men’s hammer throw final

Bradley Jelmert - 20th in men’s pole vault final

Thursday, June 8th

Pauline Meyer - 8th in women’s 3000m steeplechase semifinal, advances to final

Friday, June 9th

Camryn Newton-Smith - women’s heptathlon 100m hurdles (13.71 seconds - 10th)

Camryn Newton-Smith - women’s heptathlon high jump (5 feet, 7 3/4 in. - 3rd)

Camryn Newton-Smith - women’s heptathlon shot put (41 feet, 3 in. - 10th)

Camryn Newton-Smith - women’s heptathlon 200m (25.72 - 21st) 15th overall after 4 events

Saturday, June 10th

Camryn Newton-Smith - women’s heptathlon long jump (20 feet, 8 1/2 in. - 4th)

Camryn Newton-Smith - women’s heptathlon javelin (season-best 148 ft, 4 in. - 3rd)

Pauline Meyer - women’s 3000m steeplechase final (9:50.75 - 8th, named First Team All-American)

Camryn Newton-Smith - women’s heptathlon 800m (personal-best 2:25.28 - 15th), scores personal best 5,887 points in heptathlon to finish 8th and earn First Team All-American honors.

Arkansas State track & field has had at least one athlete qualify for an NCAA Championship in 13 straight seasons. The streak started in 2011 with All-American pole vaulter Stephanie Foreman. Sharika Nelvis, Jaylen Bacon, Roelf Pienaar, Carter Shell, and Bennett Pascoe are some of the other names that have reached the NCAA stage.

Red Wolves Track & Field NCAA Championship Qualification Streak


Aimar Palma Simo (men’s hammer throw)

Bradley Jelmert (men’s pole vault)

Camryn Newton-Smith (women’s heptathlon)

Pauline Meyer (women’s steeplechase)


Bennett Pascoe (men’s steeplechase - reached final, finished 12th, 2nd Team All-American)


Bennett Pascoe (men’s steeplechase - reached final, finished 11th, 2nd Team All-American)

Eron Carter (men’s discus - 22nd, Honorable Mention All-American)


Camryn Newton-Smith (indoor pentathlon - no competition due to COVID-19, All-American)


Michael Carr (men’s pole vault - 5th, 1st Team All-American)

Carter Shell (men’s long jump - 14th, 2nd Team All-American)

Caitland Smith (women’s 100m - 13th, 2nd Team All-American; women’s 200m - 17th, 2nd Team All-American)


Cristian Ravar Ladislau (men’s hammer throw - 15th, 2nd Team All-American)

Jaylen Bacon (men’s 100m - 9th, 2nd Team All-American; men’s 200m - 18th, Honorable Mention All-American)

Elijah Ross (men’s 200m - 23rd, Honorable Mention All-American)

Carter Shell (men’s long jump - 23rd, Honorable Mention All-American)

Itamar Levi (men’s shot put - 22nd, Honorable Mention All-American)

Caitland Smith (women’s 100m - 20th, Honorable Mention All-American)

Calea Carr (women’s discus - 6th, 1st Team All-American)


Cristian Ravar Ladislau (men’s hammer throw - 16th, 2nd Team All-American)

Jaylen Bacon (men’s 100m - 5th, 1st Team All-American; men’s 200m - 8th, 1st Team All-American)

Erin Farmer (women’s shot put - 9th, 2nd Team All-American)

Tiaan Steenkamp (men’s high jump - 15th, 2nd Team All-American)

Calea Carr (women’s discus - 19th, Honorable Mention All-American)

Viktoriia Sadokhina (women’s triple jump - 18th, Honorable Mention All-American)


Roelf Pienaar (men’s long jump - 2nd, 1st Team All-American)

Jaylen Bacon (men’s 100m - 12th, 2nd Team All-American)

Kristina Knott (women’s 100m - 17th, Honorable Mention All-American)

Erin Farmer (women’s shot put - 10th, 2nd Team All-American)


Roelf Pienaar (men’s long jump - 3rd, 1st Team All-American)

Richard Chavez (men’s shot put - 13th, 2nd Team All-American)

Ethan Sandusky (men’s pole vault - 16th, 2nd Team All-American)


Sharika Nelvis (women’s 100m hurdles national champion, 1st Team All-American)

Roelf Pienaar (men’s long jump - 9th, 2nd Team All-American)

Chris Nicasio (men’s hammer throw - 20th, Honorable Mention All-American)


Sharika Nelvis (women’s 100m hurdles - 6th, 1st Team All-American)

Stephanie Foreman (women’s pole vault - 17th, Honorable Mention All-American)

Solomon Williams (men’s 110m hurdles - 12th, 2nd Team All-American)


Sharika Nelvis (women’s 100m hurdles - 16th, 2nd Team All-American)


Stephanie Foreman (women’s pole vault - 10th, 2nd Team All-American)