2-year-old not expected to survive after fall from third-floor window, police say

A two-year-old boy is not expected to survive after falling out of a third-floor window.
Published: Jul. 23, 2023 at 5:15 AM CDT
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HARTFORD, Conn. (WFSB/Gray News) - Police say a 2-year-old boy from Connecticut is not expected to survive after he fell out of a third-floor window while his parents allegedly weren’t home.

The incident took place at 3:39 p.m. Saturday. One witness said they saw a screen fall then watched the toddler fall, according to WFSB.

Police say the boy’s chances of survival are extremely slim. He was treated by emergency crews then taken to the Connecticut Children’s Hospital in extremely critical condition.

Police have detained both of the toddler’s parents and said this appears to be a case of neglect. The parents were not home at the time of the fall, according to police.

“It appears to be a case of neglect. There were four other children in the home under the age of 12. From what I understand, very deplorable conditions,” Hartford Police Lt. Aaron Boisvert said.

Charges are expected to be filed against the boy’s parents in the near future.

Witnesses to the incident told WFSB they are heartbroken.

Jonathan Feliciano was washing his car when he says he saw the boy fall out of the window headfirst, landing on the concrete just a few yards away from where he was standing.

“I hear something and look up, and I see the baby falling. So, as soon as I saw that, I ran over there, and I saw the baby on the floor,” Feliciano said. “I feel sorry because he was just a child... He still had no shirt and just diapers on.”

After rushing over to the boy, Feliciano called 911.

“I was telling them that the baby was on the ground. He wasn’t moving, and he wasn’t breathing,” Feliciano said. “He was just spread out with his arms like that, and when the sister grabbed him, he was lifeless.”

Another witness to the incident, Linda Burrell, described the shocking incident.

“The impact... I heard a big... the way the child landed, it was just horrifying,” she said.

She adds that the children who live at the home are often left alone.

“They’re left alone a lot there. That’s what’s most flawed there. I mean, the kids should be watched at all times, especially a 2-year-old,” Burrell said.

Police say the Connecticut Department of Children and Families is working to figure out what’s next for the other four children in the home.