‘She’s going to faint’: Homeowner helps pregnant mail carrier working in sweltering heat

A Phoenix-area homeowner said he ran outside to help a mail carrier who appeared to be struggling in the heat. (Source: KPHO)
Published: Jul. 26, 2023 at 3:41 PM CDT
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PHOENIX (KPHO/Gray News) - A homeowner in Arizona helped a mail carrier who found herself in distress while working in triple-digit temperatures.

KPHO reports that Patrick Gal-Szabo was home over the weekend when he noticed a U.S. Postal Service worker having difficulty while out in the summer heat.

Gal-Szabo said he could tell the employee was struggling and he ran outside to speak to her as she was parked in front of his home.

“I was like, she’s going to faint,” Gal-Szabo said. “I could see her wiping sweat off her forehead.”

According to the homeowner, he offered water to the female postal worker and that’s when she told him that she was pregnant.

“She told me she was in her first trimester, and I know how bad first-trimester life is like from just having a baby four weeks ago,” Gal-Szabo said. “She just looked really sick.”

The homeowner said the postal worker isn’t typically delivering mail in his neighborhood, but he was glad to offer her help.

“I’ve been keeping an eye out on all the delivery people who come to my house because I heard a story that someone caught somebody collapsing on their ring camera,” he said.

Last year, a Ring doorbell camera caught a UPS driver in distress in Scottsdale, Arizona, during 108-degree temperatures. The delivery man was seen collapsing while delivering an envelope.

Gal-Szabo shared a video of his interaction with the unidentified female worker. He hopes it sheds light on what he considers difficult working conditions during the record heat.

“I didn’t want anything to happen, so I ran out there to see if she was OK,” Gal-Szabo said.

The Postal Service released the following statement regarding its employees working year-round:

“Our carriers deliver the mail throughout the year during varying temperatures and climatic conditions. This includes during the summer months when the temperatures rise throughout the country.”

Adding, “The safety of our employees is a top priority, and the Postal Service has implemented a national Heat Illness Prevention Program for all employees.”