Dog recovering after being shot in Caruthersville, Mo.

Dog recovering after being shot in Caruthersville.
Published: Sep. 13, 2023 at 4:36 PM CDT|Updated: Sep. 13, 2023 at 6:21 PM CDT
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CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. (KFVS) - A dog is recovering after it was shot earlier this week in a southeast Missouri community.

“It makes no sense to me whatsoever,” Karol Wilcox said. She is the director of the Caruthersville Humane Society. Currently in her shelter is a dog who is recovering after getting shot on Monday morning, September 11.

19-year-old Ja’Larrius Moy is in Pemiscot County Jail after witnesses say he shot the dog unprovoked. He’s charged with animal cruelty and felon in possession of a firearm.

It happened on West 4th street, and the dog, named Jay, is well known in the neighborhood. Neighbors told police he just sits out on the street and sunbathes every day. Others who know the dog say he’s not dangerous.

”We’ve dealt with Jay so much we know that Jay wouldn’t bite anyone or attack anyone, not even another dog,” Wilcox said.

She described one-year-old Jay as a sweetheart who’s known as a neighborhood dog.

”He’s a gentle and sweet, just a good dog,” Wilcox said. “All around good dog, kind of a community type dog.”

That’s why she couldn’t believe it when she found out he got shot.

”It hurts, I mean every time we get one of these cases it just, it hurts us,” she said.

”Dispatch received a call that there was a shooting,” Caruthersville Police Chief Tony Jones said.

He said 19-year-old Ja’Larrius Moy ran off, but they caught him.

”We ran a criminal history on him and found out he was a convicted felon,” the chief said. ”Wasn’t supposed to have a firearm.”

When you look at Jay, you can still see his bullet wound.

“It appears the bullet entered behind his right shoulder and lodged in the chest cavity,” Wilcox said.

And it’s still in there.

”We’re hoping since the bullet has moved a little bit in 48 hours that it’ll continue to move to where we can get it removed safely,” she said.

He’s up and walking now, but on Monday, Wilcox and veterinarians feared the worst.

”He was immobile, couldn’t stand on his legs, and was weak,” she said.

And now, they hope he continues to recover.

”He’s made one small miracle already and we’re expecting the second one to happen anytime,” Wilcox said.

If he continues on a good path of recovery Wilcox said he will go up for adoption because he deserves a good, loving home. She also said shelters all over are always taking care of dogs like Jay, so donations of food and supplies are always appreciated.