GR8 Acts of Kindness winners lead volunteers to show God’s love

From Region 8 News at Six
Published: Sep. 27, 2023 at 11:05 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Seeking God’s will in everything they do.

That’s the driving force behind a husband and wife team who have motivated a town to re-think how to tackle the issue of hunger and other needs—one person at a time.

Morgan and Kim Puckett are the least likely to take credit for an organization that is helping to feed tremendous needs in Randolph County. Instead, they give all credit to God for “Beyond the Walls.”

To experience what this organization does, you have to visit the building just off the square in downtown Pocahontas.

People start forming a line outside the building long before the doors open.

“So, we do this weekly every Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.,” Kim Puckett said.

Beyond the Walls is just as the name implies.

“Lord, we thank you for this day and we thank you for this opportunity, Meredit Sharum leads the crowd assembled in prayer.

It’s a ministry that goes beyond the walls of a church.

“We just love on them. That’s all we have to offer,” Sharum explained.

For people who seek help, this is everything.

“We prep the boxes, you know putting everything the certain amounts for household sizes. I mean, and then we start carrying everything out,” Mike and Cassie Box, Beyond the Walls volunteers said.

As needs multiply so do the resources.

“It’s like the five loaves and the fishes. We send 20 bags, trash bags full of clothes out and the racks never run empty,” Sharum said.

Each week, a team of volunteers is inspired to show up and help because of the compassion of a husband and wife team.

“If it wasn’t for Miss Kim, I don’t know where my daughter and I would be to this day.” Joanne Asher, Beyond the Walls volunteer said.

“They give with a whole heart and they ask for nothing in return, " Mike and Cassie Box said.

“Our main agenda and the vision and what God called us to do is to used the food as opportunities. Seeds to sow into people that come in,” Kim Puckett said.

“So when we start the day here we pray to God and invite him into this place. We make the main thing, the main thing and that’s God,” Morgan Puckett, also a Jonesboro firefighter said.

The emphasis is evidenced by the shirts they wear.


It’s also in the message they share.

“They get happy that the Holy Spirit’s in the building. It’s we invited when you by God to come in and do work,” Morgan Puckett said.

The vision of Kim and Morgan Puckett to start Beyond the Walls and purchase this building in downtown Pocahontas started small.

“We partnered with the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas. We are ordering about 7,000 pounds of food every two weeks,” Kim Puckett said.

“Morgan and Kim gave me money out of their own pocket. You know they paid for my gas,” Lyndsay Francis said crying.

Francis was a victim of domestic violence.

“He beat me so bad my left eye is blind and I have limited vision in my other eye,” Francis said.

The Pucketts stepped up to help.

“It was the hugest impact of my life,” Francis said.

“You help provide hope. That is why you are the next winners in the Gr8 Acts of Kindness,” I tell the couple.

“Five, six, seven, eight. Four hundred eight dollars. Congratulations.”

“Thanks for all you do to help in this community,” Allen Williams, Community President, First Community Bank said.

The Pucketts say they have one specific need for “Beyond the Walls.” That is more cold storage. They would like to offer more refrigerated items. If you would like to help them in their effort, go to Beyond The Walls Outreach page.