Former teacher said she has made nearly $1 million from OnlyFans in less than 6 months

Former St. Clair High School teacher Brianna Coppage, whose OnlyFans page was reported to district officials, is sharing her side of the story. (Source: KMOV)
Published: Nov. 6, 2023 at 3:41 PM CST
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ST. CLAIR, Mo. (Gray News) – The former Missouri teacher who made headlines for having an OnlyFans account said she has made nearly $1 million on the platform since she joined it over the summer.

Former teacher Brianna Coppage revealed to Fox News the staggering amount of money she has made from making adult content.

Coppage had been a teacher for five years, spending the last two at St. Clair High School as an English teacher before resigning after her OnlyFans page was discovered by school administrators and she was put on leave.

Coppage noted that her annual teaching salary was $42,000, and she originally started the OnlyFans account to help pay off her student loans.

“Missouri is one of the lowest states in the nation for teacher pay,” Coppage told KMOV. “The district I was working for is also one of the lowest paying districts in the state. I feel like times are tough. I have student loans. I have multiple degrees in education, and it would be helpful for extra money.”

On Coppage’s teaching salary, she would have had to work for nearly 24 years to make the same amount of money she has made from OnlyFans in less than six months.

Coppage said she now has tens of thousands of subscribers on OnlyFans and has “far exceeded” her teaching salary for the year. She has also paid off all her debt.

“I’ve been able to pay off all my student loans, any car loans, any credit card debt. I have no debt now, and that’s really freeing,” Coppage told KMOV. “Being a teacher, I know I never would have been able to fully pay all of that off.”

Although her OnlyFans account posts sexually explicit content, Coppage said she avoided showing her face because of her job as a teacher.

Coppage’s OnlyFans content was originally discovered by the St. Clair School District after a link to the page was posted in a St. Clair Facebook group.

Once the page gained so much attention in the community and even across the country, Coppage said she knew she couldn’t go back to the classroom and decided to resign.

Coppage said her content was never advertised to her high school students, but adults in the community continue to bring up the subject.

“I’m not advertising it to students, but adults in the community continue to do so,” Coppage told KMOV. “I just don’t think that’s OK. Students were never meant to see this. I know people are saying, ‘You taught high school. They were bound to find it at some point.’ Maybe. I was faceless. I did not use my real name.”

While Coppage said she will miss her students and has grieved her career as a teacher, she doesn’t have any regrets.

Coppage said if teachers are held to a high standard, she wants to see them paid accordingly. She also told Fox News she strongly believes people are allowed to have personal lives outside of their careers.