A Better Region 8

  A Better Region 8: Keeping Jonesboro and Region 8 beautiful

In last week's State of the City address, the mayor rolled out a Keep Jonesboro Beautiful initiative.

  A Better Region 8 Guest Editorial: Helping Our Wolves Learn or HOWL Transition Program

The Helping Our Wolves Learn or HOWL Transition Program, located on the Arkansas State University, is committed to providing a positive learning experience for students with Intellectual Disabilities and/or Autism.

  A Better Region 8: The 2020 Have-A-Heart Wish-A-Thon

Region 8 has a wonderful tradition of giving back. And this week is another opportunity.

  A Better Region 8: Making sure children have something to eat

Right here in the breadbasket of the world, one in four children does not have enough to eat.

  A Better Region 8: Arkansas Sportshow

This weekend, First National Bank Arena will be turned into an outdoor oasis.

  A Better Region 8: Remember to wash your hands

Wash your hands before you leave the bathroom and before you eat.

  A Better Region 8: Speaking out when you notice something wrong

In light of the recent Westside gun incident, it's important more than ever we speak up when we notice something wrong.

  A Better Region 8: UCP Telethon this Sunday

It's the UCP Telethon, Sunday on KAIT-NBC and KAIT-CW, from noon to 6 p.m.

  A Better Region 8: Remembering the legacy and life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

On Jan. 20, let us take time to reflect and honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  A Better Region 8: Be a hero this week and give the gift of life

Anyone who can donate blood is a hero. This week, YOU have the opportunity to help save lives.

  A Better Region 8: Putting down the phone in 2020

It's January and that means our promise to eat healthy, exercise and whatever other new year's resolution we make begins.

  A Guest Better Region 8: Jonesboro should be excited for 2020 and the future

The Administration and officers of the Jonesboro Police Department are proud to have the opportunity to serve such a diverse, dynamic and growing city.

  A Better Region 8: Providing hope to children who need it most

A Better Region 8 focuses on providing hope to children who need it most with Christmas around the corner.

  A Better Region 8: Give college academics the same attention we give college athletics

It's time for us to give college academics the same attention and recognition we give college athletics.

  A Better Region 8: Looking ahead to 2020 and beyond for Jonesboro

A Better Region 8 discusses the 2020 budget for the city of Jonesboro and looks ahead to the future for the city government.

  A Better Region 8 Guest Editorial: The fight to rename a road after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

In this guest editorial, the fight continues to rename a road in Jonesboro after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  A Better Region 8: A great tradition of giving continues

Once again, Region 8 stepped up to the plate, providing over 200,000 meals during last week's Fill the Food Bank.

  A Better Region 8: Helping our veterans not just today, but every day

We should not only thank and help our veterans today, but we should thank them and help them everyday in any way we can.

  A Better Region 8: SkyCops deployed to deter crime in Jonesboro

After numerous shots-fired calls, the city of Jonesboro is looking to Big Brother for help.

  A Better Region 8: Leaving behind a legacy everyone can respect

A Better Region 8 discusses the legacy of former President Jimmy Carter and how everyone should leave behind a legacy everyone can respect.

  A Better Region 8: It’s time to honor Dr. King

Here we are about to enter the year 2020 and we, as a city, can’t figure out how to rename a city street in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  A Better Region: Settling the wet/dry debate in Craighead County

Settling the wet/dry debate in Craighead County once and for all.

  A Better Region 8: Raising awareness on teen suicide

A Better Region 8 takes a look at how we can raise awareness regarding teen suicide and suicide in general.

  A Better Region 8: Georgia Bulldogs fans supporting Wendy Anderson

University of Georgia fans showed up Saturday wearing pink to honor the memory and legacy of Wendy Anderson.

  A Better Region 8: Jonesboro at a crossroads

We see leaders on both sides of this issue.

  Coroner: Driver clutched his chest, slumped over before Mississippi school bus crash

William “Chester” Cole, 63, was pronounced dead at the scene. At least eight children were injured in the crash, including Cole’s granddaughter who was also a passenger, according to his family.

  A Better Region 8: Stamping out bullying

A Better Region takes a look at stamping out bullying others just because we support different things.

  A Better Region 8: Police need the community’s help solving crimes

Once again, police are asking for the public to come forward when it comes to solving crimes.

  A Better Region 8: Public reaction to FBI school threat warning

Over the weekend the Federal Bureau of Investigation sent a notice to area police and school districts letting them know they'd received information about a threat to schools in Arkansas and Kentucky.

  A Better Region 8: Opioid epidemic in Arkansas

State health information shows that last year, there were more opioid prescriptions filled in Arkansas than there are people.

  A Better Region 8: Safety at A-State after shooting near campus

Jonesboro got a lot busier this past weekend when Arkansas State University students arrived back on campus.

  A Better Region 8: Deciding Jonesboro’s fate

When voters decide the fate of a one-percent sales tax, they'll also decide the fate of the city itself.

  A Better Region 8: Back to School

It’s been a fairly, quiet summer on the roads of Region 8.

  A Better Region 8: More talks unfolding in response to mass shootings

31 people died over the weekend in two mass shootings. Now we as a nation begin the debate once again on how to respond to these tragedies.

  A Better Region 8: Stuff the Bus

Help Stuff the Bus this weekend with KAIT, the United Way, and area public schools.

  A Better Region 8: Double down on washing your hands

A Better Region 8 talks about doubling down on washing your hands after another possible Hep A exposure was reported last week.

  A Better Region 8: Back to School Giveaway

We thought we’d send one lucky Region 8 student back to school in style.

  A Better Region 8: Protecting those who protect us

Region 8 News takes time to thank those who provide cooling equipment for our local law enforcement in dangerous heat conditions.

  A Better Region 8: “Fishing for Fosters”

DHS is "fishing" for new foster families, mentors, and volunteers in Greene County.

  A Better Region 8: Waving the white flag on the Bono Lake project

A Better Region 8 discusses the Bono Lake project and why it's time to cut our losses and focus on other projects.

  To Bobby, thanks for the memories

Thank you, Bobby Willis, for making this A Better Region 8.