A Better Region 8

  A Better Region 8: Finding the best in Region 8 communities

Communities can lose their identity when we all start to think as a team and not as individual communities.

A Better Region 8: Gator Giveaway a huge success

The raffle-style fundraiser raised $250,000 to help three food banks in Region 8 to help ensure children don't go hungry.

A Better Region 8 Guest Editorial: Keep Jonesboro Beautiful

Like many of you, I am proud to call Jonesboro home. But ignoring that we have a littering problem won’t make it go away.

  A Better Region 8: “If you’re not making it better, you’re making things worse”

A Better Region 8 looks at the recent bills in the state legislative session that deal with discrimination.

  A Better Region 8: Flooding in Jonesboro

More rain is in the forecast this week.

A Better Region 8: Bridging The Great Health Divide

KAIT and our parent company Gray Television announced a year-long initiative to help with healthcare access in the Appalachia and Mississippi Delta regions of the country.

  A Better Region 8: “Take a Road Trip” in Region 8

We hope you get some time to take a road trip and unwind.

  A Better Region 8: Keeping COVID-19 cases low in March a priority

Gov. Hutchinson recently announced the easing back of restrictions by the end of March if Arkansans meet certain criteria. But some believe the decision is based on politics, not science.

  A Better Region 8: Thank you, essential workers

We are all thawing out from the snow and deep freeze of the past couple of weeks. For many of us, it was just another workday.

  A Better Region 8: UCP “Mail-a-Thon”

UCP offers a number of services, from early intervention in infants to helping adults with CP live an independent life.

  A Better Region 8: No tolerance for hate speech

Hate speech of any kind on any of the Region 8 social media apps will not be tolerated.

  A Better Region 8: Cases per capita high in Arkansas

As the pandemic rages on, there are numbers thrown out daily, even hourly. One number to focus on for Arkansas is cases per capita, which isn't positive right now.

  A Better Region 8: Be the hero and give the gift of life

The winter months are one of the most trying times for blood banks across America.

  A Better Region 8: Hitting the reset button on our editorials

As we enter 2021, we at Region 8 News are taking this time to hit the reset button when it comes to our "A Better Region 8" editorials.

  A Better Region 8: Giving back this holiday season

Most organizations accept money online, so it’s easy and convenient.

  A Better Region 8: Women Accomplishments

In more than 200 years of our nation’s history, women have made great strides and have come a tremendously long way.

  A Better Region 8: Shop Local

Our local businesses and their employees need our support this year more than ever.

  A Better Region 8: No plan to slow COVID-19 spread

All we hear from our federal and state leaders is wear a mask, keep your distance, and wash your hands. But a lot of us don’t seem too interested in doing that.

  A Better Region 8: Fill the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas

Our annual Fill the Food Bank is Friday, Nov. 13, from 6 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. at locations across Region 8.

  A Better Region 8: A Salute to Service

We gather this time of year to honor and remember our military veterans.

  A Better Region 8: Early Voting

It’s worth your time to vote, so make a plan and find the time.

  A Better Region 8: COVID-19 cases at all-time high

This week we are well above 400 active confirmed COVID cases in the county.

  A Better Region 8: A cleaner community, a better community

Once you’re finished using something, don’t just drop or throw it wherever.

  A Better Region 8: Pink Warrior Walk for breast cancer awareness

A Better Region 8 explores the Pink Warrior Walk, a way to honor those involved in the fight against breast cancer.

  A Better Region 8: Mayoral debates for Region 8’s two largest cities starts this week

For the first time in a generation, Region 8's two largest cities will have two new mayors and the debate for the new mayors starts this week.

  A Better Region 8: Census Deadline Approaching

Jonesboro is home to more than 70,000 people but imagine 15-20,000 residents disappearing overnight.

  A Better Region 8: “Hope Week” to bring attention to importance of hope in our lives

A Better Region 8 tackles the creation of "Hope Week," meant to spread the message of the importance of hope in everyone's lives.

  A Better Region 8: Let’s have a great school year

For thousands of families across Region 8 this week, the start of school represents a chance to return to normal.

  A Better Region 8: So many questions with no end in sight to the pandemic

So many are asking questions and many still aren't taking the pandemic seriously.

  A Better Region 8: Wear a mask so others don’t lose their jobs, livelihoods

Join us and wear a mask so that other's don't lose their jobs or their livelihoods.

  A Better Region 8: Be smart and continue to follow guidelines as we slowly reopen

Be smart and responsible as the state of Arkansas slowly but surely begins to reopen. Be vigilant and wear masks in public.

  A Better Region 8: Reopening the state will come in phases

When it comes to re-opening the state, it will come in phases. Let's trust the professionals who we're looking to to guide us through this reopening.

  A Better Region 8: Helping our neighbors through the virtual food drive

Help us help our neighbors with the virtual food drive, which runs until May 1.

  A Better Region 8: Finding the positive things while staying home and staying safe

As we continue to face trying times, let's do our best to find the positive.

  A Better Region 8: Together, we will overcome and rebuild

Together, Region 8 will overcome and rebuild following the devastation caused by the tornado.

  A Better Region 8: Adjusting to social distancing during COVID-19 pandemic

For many of us, this weekend gave us a much-needed deep breath as we accept what is happening, prepare and plan our next steps.

  A Better Region 8: Coronavirus

Let's hold on tight and make sure everyone is taken care of.

  A Better Region 8: Use common sense when it comes to Coronavirus

Don't let the fear of the coronavirus keep you from living. Simply use common sense and follow proper protocol to help prevent the spread of the virus.

  A Better Region 8: Keeping Jonesboro and Region 8 beautiful

In last week's State of the City address, the mayor rolled out a Keep Jonesboro Beautiful initiative.

  A Better Region 8 Guest Editorial: Helping Our Wolves Learn or HOWL Transition Program

The Helping Our Wolves Learn or HOWL Transition Program, located on the Arkansas State University, is committed to providing a positive learning experience for students with Intellectual Disabilities and/or Autism.

  A Better Region 8: The 2020 Have-A-Heart Wish-A-Thon

Region 8 has a wonderful tradition of giving back. And this week is another opportunity.