JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Beer, tv’s blasting, and food.

That was pretty much the scene at any bar Sunday night.

“We have Dallas Cowboy fans, we have Eagle fans, we have Raven’s fans, of course, we have saints fans,” said the owner of Brickhouse, Dan Johnson.

He said fans have watched football games with them each Sunday throughout the season.

So, Sunday’s big game was like a finale to it all. A Brickhouse celebration.

“It is, it’s fun. Even obviously I’m disappointed the saints are not in it,” he said.

Johnson is a big New Orleans Saints fan.

“Yes, I would say I am way higher than the average fan when it comes to the Saints,” he said.

Johnson said the big game Sunday was not so much about the teams, but more about the community it brought together.

“Being a fan of that and being passionate about something. I think it is a positive healthy thing. So, I love seeing people’s enthusiasm,” he said.

Brickhouse had an entire lineup menu for people stopping by to watch the game with them.

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