Alligators, snakes seized from home during assault arrest

A 36-year-old man is facing multiple charges including assault and six counts of animal cruelty after police responded to a residence for a domestic violence call.

  Overnight house fire in Jonesboro leaves two pets dead

  GRAPHIC: Man facing charges after ‘sick, malnourished’ dogs found in feces-filled home

  Animals abused, dumped and left for others to deal with

Therapy dogs provide comfort to holiday travelers at Memphis airport

German shepherd with rare genetic condition will remain a ‘puppy’ his entire life

N.C. man charged $2,300 for walking through ER doors for cat scratch

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  Students love the teacher’s pet

Scientists need 10,000 pets for largest-ever dog study of its kind

  Keeping your pets warm in chilly weather: It it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for them

Memphis Zoo hosts naming contest for jaguar cubs

U.S. House passes bill making animal cruelty a federal felony

  Dog rescued after being stuck on a cliff for days

Who wore it best? Dogs model famous celebrity looks

Click through these photos for some Halloween inspiration with your pup.

GRAPHIC: Man cuts through leg with chainsaw; dog saves his life

He began yelling for help and his 1-year-old pup ran to the rescue.

Memphis Zoo announces birth of jaguar cubs

Memphis Zoo announced the birth of baby jaguar cubs. The female jaguars were born on September 4.

Humane Society: Changing seasons means it’s time for a vet visit

Humane Society staff said to set aside this time to focus on your pet’s health.

Before and after: Scruffy pups go full-glam to find forever homes

Missouri police seek tips in skinned-alive beagle case

  Wynne animal group asking community for help

Sheriff: Owner saws off dog’s legs, 3 arrests made

Pit bull dies of snake bites while protecting Florida boys

  NEA Homes for Dogs slated for Saturday

New program helps MFD locate owners of lost pets

Fire Finders is a first-of-its-kind program is making it easier for lost pets to find their way home.

Low-cost pet vaccination clinic planned

All vaccinations will be $10 each. The price also includes a free exam and intestinal deworming.

Woman searched for 57 days, quitting her job to find the dog she lost during a trip to Montana

Katie has been Carole King’s constant companion for seven years, but on July 20, Katie somehow escaped from the motel room.

  Gabo visits with A-State fans, gives out calendars

Arkansas State University’s game kicked off with tailgating, fun and even JPD’s Gabo.

  Dogs and people hit the trail for annual ThumperThon

Tails were wagging at the 9th Annual ThumperThon Race.

Michigan is now a no-kill state for shelter animals

Michigan is now officially a no-kill state for shelter animals.

  Dogs put on a show to help community

Dogs of all shapes and sizes were at the Jonesboro Elks Lodge to show their best side in the annual fun dog show.

  Tests of Overton Park lake water find algae toxins that could be harmful to dogs

On the day of testing, park officials say toxin levels were in the EPA’s non-harmful range for humans but it could be dangerous for dogs because they are more likely to ingest the water.

During Hurricane Dorian, a woman sheltered nearly 100 dogs in her Bahamas home

Chella Phillips sheltered 97 dogs inside her Nassau home during Hurricane Dorian’s slow-moving stay in the islands.

  WATCH: Dog chases after van following possible abandonment

The video appears to show someone dropping off a dog in a neighborhood and driving off. The dog can be seen running after the van.

Dog owner cited after dogs kill neighbor’s cat

Two witnesses told police the dogs were out and ran up to the victim’s home, grabbing the cat off the front door step.

Low wages, student debt fuel vet shortage in rural Missouri

Industry experts say low wages and the burden of student debt have led to a critical shortage of large-animal veterinarians in Missouri

  Sad-eyed, 26-pound cat at Philadelphia shelter looking for new home

A big cat described as a "jumbo-sized package of fluff & love" is available for adoption in Philadelphia.

  Taco the dog helped save his owner’s life after he fell from a flood wall

Taco waited on the wall overnight, watching over her owner who fell 15 feet below to the floodplain.

Man cited after leaving dog in hot car during doctor’s visit

A trip to the doctor’s office ended with a Jonesboro man cited for animal cruelty after police say he left his dog in a hot car.

Man cited with throwing cat out of car window

Police cited a Jonesboro man with animal cruelty after they say he threw a cat out of a car window onto Caraway Road.

Scientists are working on a cat vaccine to relieve allergic reactions by people

The vaccine would be given to cats to block a protein that causes allergies in humans.

A local crimefighter is now safer at work

According to a Facebook post issued by the Craighead County Sheriff’s Office, K9 Nero has received a body armor donation.

  Over 100 animals need a family to love

The Jonesboro Animal Control Shelter has puppies, cats and adult dogs in their care.

  Neighbors find cat with arrow shot through its body

Animal control and took the black cat to an animal shelter where the arrow was removed.

  S.C. man recreates iconic ‘The Lion King’ intro with donkey named Nathan

With the release of the live action version of 'The Lion King,' almost everyone is familiar with the iconic intro to the 'Circle of Life' ballad. But you've never heard it like this.

Backyard poultry, dog treats cause nationwide salmonella outbreak, two deaths reported

The CDC says washing your hands can go a long way.

  Pregnant dog abandoned in vacant lot while in labor

A neighbor saw the driver push the dog out of the passenger door before leaving the scene.

  Pet owners helping those in need

Money raised helps animals in a no-kill shelter.

  Emergency crews in Virginia use dish soap, oil to rescue cat with head stuck in a grate

Police and firefighters in Virginia used dish soap and oil to grease the cat up and get it out of the storm grate. It wasn't until a vet showed up with a sedative that they were able to get it free.

Deputies investigating dead dogs dumped along highway

Mississippi County sheriff’s investigators want to know who’s dumping dogs along the highway.

  Fireworks are fun, but not for your pets

July 5 is a busy day for pet shelters.

Police: Trash bandit bit Jonesboro woman on the leg

A Jonesboro woman ended up in the doctor’s office on July 4 after a “bandit” bit her on the leg.

Puppy found dumped on side of Mississippi road in arm chair

A woman who spotted the truck dumping the furniture and pup on Gaston Trail called animal control to get the dog help.

GR8 Job: Officer goes way above and beyond to rescue family’s furry friend

Officer Trayce Williams may be new to the uniform, but Wednesday afternoon he went above and beyond …way above…to rescue a furry neighbor in need.

  ’Sliced up’: GA couple arrested after dismembered cats found in apartment

Two people were arrested Tuesday and have been charged with animal cruelty after someone reported animals being ‘sliced up,’ according to the Albany Police Department (APD).

  Humans to the rescue

The shelter has 92 dogs and puppies and they are close to reaching maximum capacity.Assistant Director Jeff Moore said maximum capacity is a norm around the shelter.

  Kitten encased in spray foam insulation rescued

Garbage collectors spring into action after finding tiny kitten encased in spray-foam insulation inside dumpster.

  Man placed in hospice has final wish: get his 11 rescue dogs adopted

A Texas man was recently given one week to live. His final wish is to continue the work he’s been doing for two years by getting his 11 rescue dogs adopted.

  Firefighters save unconscious dog with special equipment

A firefighter’s helmet camera caught the rescue.

  Dog left for dead in KY with his toys, a bag of food

The dog’s foster family has nicknamed the pup Nike.

  Tick season: Your cat could get ‘bobcat fever’

If your cat catches this disease, it may mean the end if you don't act fast.

  Unexpected early start on fumigation kills beloved cat

Florida woman says crew fumigating her home for termites showed up hours early without notifying her and began work with her cat inside the home.

Woman arrested in puppy dumping caught on video; 38 dogs found at her home

Authorities say if not for a good Samaritan who found them, the puppies may not have survived, due to the temperature being in the mid-90s.

Border collie saves Chihuahua buddy from being run over by car

The border collie snatched up the Chihuahua before it could be run over.

Exotic African pet cat is on the loose in Virginia

Rocky’s been on the prowl since October but just showed up in the Virginia Beach area.

  Take care when spring cleaning with chemicals around pets

More pets are rushed to emergency vets this time of year for ingesting household cleaners and insecticides.

  Fur-tastic Ending: Dog adopts abandoned pups

Golden Retriever adopts seven puppies after their own mother won't care for them.

  Meow hear this: Study says cats react to sound of their name

In four experiments with 16 to 34 animals, each cat heard a recording of its owner's voice, or another person's voice, that slowly recited a list of four nouns or other cat's names, followed by the cat's own name. Many cats initially reacted — such as by moving their heads, ears or tails.

Trumann K9 officer safer but ‘not so happy’

Officer Ras is the proud owner of a stab- and bulletproof vest.

Batesville officer will soon be safer when he’s fighting crime

This was made possible through a charitable donation from the non-profit organization Vested Interest in K9s, Inc.

Cat separated from owner in Florida found in Northeast Ohio nearly 8 years later

A Northeast Ohio-based animal shelter is attempting to reunite a cat found Mahoning County with its owners after being separated nearly eight years ago.

  Officer now more protected when he hits the streets

Rico will now be wearing a bullet and stab proof protective vest

Officer steps up for man’s best friend

“He wouldn’t look up or respond when anyone spoke to him. He was just scared to death,” Cpl. Wood said.

  Pet vaccination bill to possibly impact Jonesboro

If the bill passes, it will require sold puppies and kittens to provide some type of vaccination documentation on rabies.

Fire station’s new mascot has the crew “feline” fine

A fire station kitty is a real morale booster, lieutenant says.

  GRAPHIC VIDEO: Woman suffers 100s of bites in dog attack

The woman’s mother said her daughter had more dog bites than the doctor could count.

  Is people food safe for your pets?

Some foods are actually OK to share, but some should be considered forbidden for the sake of the animal’s health:

  Caught on Cam: Family steals puppy

Kentucky pet store's security footage shows family pocket chihuahua puppy, then exit shop.

  Cat saves couple from carbon monoxide poisoning

The couple’s SUV had been running in the garage for around eight hours, filling their home with dangerous CO gas.

  ‘You didn’t die alone today’: SC woman shares heartbreaking tale of helping dog in its final hours

South Carolina woman shares final hours with dog she found in a ditch on the side of a road.

Thousands sign petition to keep dogs alive after one bites off Utah boy’s hand

The friend who started the petition believes the incident was “a freak accident” and euthanizing the husky-breed dogs would simply compound the tragedy.

Batesville vet concerned about pets sold with possible diseases

Dr. Donna Cook says after treating animals purchased at The Complete Pet East in Batesville, she’s worried the animals could have diseases.