Emergency crews in Virginia use dish soap, oil to rescue cat with head stuck in a grate

Police and firefighters in Virginia used dish soap and oil to grease the cat up and get it out of the storm grate. It wasn't until a vet showed up with a sedative that they were able to get it free.

Police: Trash bandit bit Jonesboro woman on the leg

Puppy found dumped on side of Mississippi road in arm chair

GR8 Job: Officer goes way above and beyond to rescue family’s furry friend

  ’Sliced up’: GA couple arrested after dismembered cats found in apartment

  Humans to the rescue

  Kitten encased in spray foam insulation rescued

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  Man placed in hospice has final wish: get his 11 rescue dogs adopted

  Firefighters save unconscious dog with special equipment

  Dog left for dead in KY with his toys, a bag of food

  Tick season: Your cat could get ‘bobcat fever’

  Unexpected early start on fumigation kills beloved cat

Woman arrested in puppy dumping caught on video; 38 dogs found at her home

Border collie saves Chihuahua buddy from being run over by car

The border collie snatched up the Chihuahua before it could be run over.

Exotic African pet cat is on the loose in Virginia

Rocky’s been on the prowl since October but just showed up in the Virginia Beach area.

  Take care when spring cleaning with chemicals around pets

More pets are rushed to emergency vets this time of year for ingesting household cleaners and insecticides.

  Fur-tastic Ending: Dog adopts abandoned pups

Golden Retriever adopts seven puppies after their own mother won't care for them.

  Meow hear this: Study says cats react to sound of their name

Trumann K9 officer safer but ‘not so happy’

Batesville officer will soon be safer when he’s fighting crime

Cat separated from owner in Florida found in Northeast Ohio nearly 8 years later

  Officer now more protected when he hits the streets

Officer steps up for man’s best friend

  Pet vaccination bill to possibly impact Jonesboro

If the bill passes, it will require sold puppies and kittens to provide some type of vaccination documentation on rabies.

Fire station’s new mascot has the crew “feline” fine

A fire station kitty is a real morale booster, lieutenant says.

  GRAPHIC VIDEO: Woman suffers 100s of bites in dog attack

The woman’s mother said her daughter had more dog bites than the doctor could count.

  Is people food safe for your pets?

Some foods are actually OK to share, but some should be considered forbidden for the sake of the animal’s health:

  Caught on Cam: Family steals puppy

Kentucky pet store's security footage shows family pocket chihuahua puppy, then exit shop.

  Cat saves couple from carbon monoxide poisoning

The couple’s SUV had been running in the garage for around eight hours, filling their home with dangerous CO gas.

  ‘You didn’t die alone today’: SC woman shares heartbreaking tale of helping dog in its final hours

South Carolina woman shares final hours with dog she found in a ditch on the side of a road.

Thousands sign petition to keep dogs alive after one bites off Utah boy’s hand

The friend who started the petition believes the incident was “a freak accident” and euthanizing the husky-breed dogs would simply compound the tragedy.

Batesville vet concerned about pets sold with possible diseases

Dr. Donna Cook says after treating animals purchased at The Complete Pet East in Batesville, she’s worried the animals could have diseases.

Canine comfort proves to be effective

Some people are saying the best medicine comes not from someone in a white coat, but a fur one.

  Police officers receive training in treating their K9 partners

Dr. John Huff, who treats JPD's finest four-legged officers, held a first aid class for treating K9 officers injured in the line of duty.

‘It’s just amazing’ says veterinarian after ‘frozen cat’ makes full recovery

Fluffy is quite the lucky animal. Cat's and their nine lives? Dr. Jevon Clark may now be a believer.

  Caught on Cam: Dogs save stroke victim

The Ring™ camera on the front door caught the moment the loyal pets dashed across the street to alert a neighbor.

Deputies, NEAHS rescue dog, ask for donations for medical treatment

NEAHS, Craighead County deputies discover dog. They're now asking for donations to help cover the dog's medical bills.

  Zoo animals embrace winter blast

John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids, Michigan is closed until March, but things are still busy as workers try to keep animals safe in subfreezing conditions.

  Goats with Coats: Protecting farm animals in severe cold

The freezing temperatures gripping much of the country are not just bad news for humans, but also for animals faced with enduring the elements.

  Pet hedgehogs linked to salmonella outbreak in 8 states, CDC says

Since October, at least 11 people have gotten sick after touching the animals.

  Dog rescued after surviving 17 days of sub-zero cold

A break came Monday afternoon when rescuers were alerted to Old Lady’s location and brought her back to the shelter. Now, she will get to enjoy a ‘forever’ home.

  HEARTBREAKING VIDEO: Dog runs after SUV that dumps him at MS animal shelter

They set up traps in the area hoping to catch this forgotten pup.

Sheriff’s office: Pit bull shot as an act of defense, axe injury still under investigation

A pit bull has died after fighting for his life after being found critically injured in Mississippi County, Missouri.

  ‘Punk’ dog vests serve to deter coyotes, dog owner believes

The vests are made of bite-proof Kevlar and include spikes perfectly suited for a heavy metal band.

NEAHS reopens cat room, offers special adoption rate

For friends of felines, it’s a cat-egorically great day at the Northeast Arkansas Humane Society.

Law requiring CA retailers to sell animals from rescue shelters takes effect Tuesday

It will help the state cripple the supply of animals retailers get from puppy mills, organizations that produce animals in inhumane mass-breeding facilities.

GRAPHIC: Dog shot, fatally wounded; shooter sought

The Kennett Humane Society needs help identifying the person who shot a dog and left it for dead.

FDA recalling 9Lives cat food

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a recall alert for certain varieties of 9Lives cat food.

  Randolph County rescue pets in peril

Randolph County volunteers need help for animals in need.

FDA: Dog heart disease linked to grain-free food

The pet food, while not pinpointed to any particular brand, contains peas, lentils, legume seeds or potatoes as main ingredients.

Idaho woman reunited with dog in Memphis after 5 months

An Australian Shepherd who disappeared from his backyard in Boise, Idaho in June has now been found.

Homeless man in Mississippi saves dog hit by car

The car that hit the dog didn’t stop, but the homeless man rushed to the dog’s rescue.

  Dog with failing kidneys receives transplant

One dog in Missouri got a second chance thanks to her quick-thinking owner and one of her own puppies.Three years ago on a hot summer day, a dog named Star was saved.

Humane Society: 11 horses dead, 16 rescued in north Missouri

The Missouri Humane Society says it rescued 16 horses but 11 other horses were found dead on a property in Harrison County

Pet care apps to help make caring for a furry family member easier

There are a number of apps that can act as a personal assistant, to help keep furry friends happy.

Woman would appreciate it if you stopped feeding her ‘gold digging’ dog at McDonald’s

A dog in Oklahoma City keeps getting out of its house at night and going straight to Mickey D's.

  Cancer patient turns dog into shelter before killing herself

Crystal Chrisp, 46, killed herself after finding out her cancer had returned. Her dog Shell was later adopted.

Arkansas city officials to draft ordinance banning pigs

City officials in northwest Arkansas are considering banning pigs after receiving complaints over a smell wafting from a residence where two pet potbellied pigs are kept.

Woman arrested for throwing cat from moving vehicle

Kennett police arrested a woman Wednesday after they saw her throw a cat out of a moving vehicle.

WATCH: Bobcat caught on camera near Cherokee Village

A bobcat was recently caught on camera near Cherokee Village posing for a selfie.

  Woman rubs feces on neighbors’ door in retaliation for dog pooping in yard

The neighbors say if their dogs used the bathroom in the woman’s yard, it wasn’t on purpose, and the woman should have tried talking to them to resolve the issue.

NEA Humane Society “beyond capacity,” not accepting animals

The Northeast Arkansas Humane Society says it's "beyond capacity" and they are not accepting any animals at this time.

Puppy shot in face found inside trash can

A 3-month-old puppy named Remis is lucky to be alive after it was found shot in the face.

GRAPHIC: Dumped dog died "horrible death," another found alive

A local animal shelter is offering a reward after a dumped dog died what they say was a "horrible death."