Animal abandonment puts burden on shelter, animals as well

As people dump animals in Craighead County and the Northeast Arkansas Humane Society wants it to stop. They are working with police to charge people for leaving animals at their doorsteps.

Man featured in ‘Tiger King’ series indicted on animal cruelty charges in Virginia

Poplar Bluff Police Officers rescue distressed owl

‘He lived the very best life’: Beloved dog honored with moving obituary

Gray parrots separated at zoo after swearing a blue streak

  Man charged with tossing dog over overpass

Caruthersville Humane Society holds virtual 5K run, 2-mile walk

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  GRAPHIC: Cows found shot, dismembered

  Cat that snuck aboard 1,800-plus mile flight settles into new home

  NEA Humane Society warns dog owners about parvovirus cases

‘Art for Animals’ a big success

  The Memphis Zoo welcomes 4 new meerkat pups

  City discusses three dog ordinances

  Owner of euthanized dog details incident that led to her injuries, death

The groomer refused payment but had plenty of excuses, according to owner Tina Brady.

Saint Louis Zoo offers virtual snake tour of herpetarium

Herpetarium Keeper Justin Elden will host the tour.

  Rescue dog becomes rescuer

Roux, a Belgian Malinois, was the first to sense that her neighbors' home was on fire.

  Moo-ving friendship: Calf & cattle dog form inseparable bond

An Oklahoma couple's disabled calf and carsick cattle dog have become best friends.

  Pets: Easing back to work anxiety

  Arkansas family offers reward for information in dog killed by pellets

A golden birthday: Tenn. dog, 20, becomes oldest living golden retriever

  Neighborhood pets shot with BB gun

Poplar Bluff Animal Shelter full, asking for help

NEAHS program offers reprieve for ‘last chance’ cats

  Jonesboro shelter needs foster parents for their puppies and kittens

During the pandemic even our furry friends feel the impacts that social distancing provides.

  ‘Lean on Me’: Husky howls with his health care human

Health care worker Tate Hegstrom gets plenty of help from his dog Kovu as he sings the 1972 classic “Lean on Me” in a video on his Instagram account.

Northeast Arkansas Humane Society, Bissell Pet Foundation offers aid for adopters

Bissell Pet Foundation is offering to reduce adoption fees to $25 at all participating shelters including Northeast Arkansas Humane Society.

Poplar Bluff Pet Food Pantry reopens April 23

The Animal Welfare Alliance (AWA) will be opening their pet food pantry again this Sunday, April 26.

  Ways to protect your house cats from COVID-19

The CDC is recommending that pet owners don't let pets interact with people, keep cats indoors, and avoid places where a large number of people and pets gather such as dog parks.

VIDEO: Trumann firefighters, paramedics work to rescue animal in structure fire

The work of Trumann firefighters and paramedics earlier this year was able to save the life of an animal.

Pets found in ‘deplorable’ conditions, animal cruelty charges pending

A Jonesboro woman faces 12 counts of animal cruelty after officers said they found several cats and dogs living in her feces- and urine-filled home.

AWA to reopen pet food pantry

The Animal Welfare Alliance (AWA) will reopen its Corona Crisis Pet Food Pantry April 19, from 2 to 5:30 p.m. in the former Orscheln store in Poplar Bluff.

Pizza-loving groundhog enjoys a pandemic snack, eats slice in front of dogs

The bold groundhog munched away on the slice for about an hour before scurrying away.

China compiles new list of animals OK to eat; dogs reclassified as pets

The list of animals that can be farmed for meat includes dietary staples like pigs, cows, chickens and sheep.

NEAHS hosting drive-thru pet food event

The Northeast Arkansas Humane Society will host a free drive-thru pet food event on Saturday, April11.

AWA pet food pantry temporarily closes

The Animal Welfare Alliance (AWA) will temporarily close their Corona Crisis Pet Food Pantry .It will be closed Tuesday and Thursday, April 7 and 9.

  Humane society bans visitors to keep staff safe

The Northeast Arkansas Humane Society isn’t concerned for their furry friends’ safety, but the safety of their staff and volunteers.

COVID-19 and your pets: What are the risks?

The American Veterinary Medical Association said it's "very unlikely" a person would contract the virus by petting or playing with pets.

Former deputy pleads no contest to animal cruelty

Keenan Wallace was fired last year after a video clip showed him shooting a Chihuahua mix named Reese’s.

Share your photos! It’s National Love Your Pet Day

Thursday is National Love Your Pet Day, and we want to see pictures of your pets!

  225 Mid-South animals boarded on flight to find forever homes

Friday morning 225 pets from across the Mid-South were boarded on a flight to the Pacific Northwest.

K-9 officer sniffs out 45 pounds of marijuana, 1 arrested

Officials found 45 pounds of marijuana inside a suitcase and plastic totes.

Family searching for lost husky after fire destroys their home

It’s tragic to lose one’s home to a fire. But Caroline Graham lost even more Monday morning when flames destroyed her home in Maynard.

Woman cited after deputies find horses in ‘bad shape’

Craighead County sheriff’s deputies cited a woman with animal cruelty after finding two horses “lying on the ground, in bad shape.”

  Mama dog found on side of road pulling crate filled with her puppies

A mother dog was found on the side of a dirt road, pulling a crate filled with her puppies.

Wide-eyed husky Jubilee adopted after Facebook post goes viral

A lovable dog with “weird” eyes has been adopted into a forever home after a Facebook post from last week goes viral.

  Dog whose mouth was sealed shut with rubberbands, is now available for adoption

St. Francis CARE is now accepting applications to adopt the dog.

  Students get K9 Ozzy at school

A new student is on the Brookland Elementary Campus, he’s two years old and goes by the name Ozzy.

“Integrity. Service. Purrr-ide” ISP introduces therapy cats

State police call the pair a few of the ISP Feline Division’s best kept secrets.

  Wildlife organization: Opossum beaten with clubs on Hilton Head Island golf course

A wildlife rehab organization says an opossum was beaten with clubs at a Hilton Head Island golf course.

Florida woman calls police after she hears someone screaming for help; it was a parrot

The parrot was screaming, “Help, help, let me out!”

The Irwin family has saved 90,000 animals, including many from Australia wildfires

The Irwin family is continuing Steve Irwin's legacy of rescuing and saving wildlife in danger.

  Thieves didn’t take any animals, but cost shelter money

An attempted robbery to a local nonprofit shelter is leaving them with a mess to clean as well as an unexpected bill.

  Record-setting adoptions at animal shelter

A large number of dogs and cats were taken home in the month of December and the shelter is celebrating the new record.

She was the only one not picked during an adoption event, but now this dog has a forever home

A pit bull was the last dog standing after an adoption event in Arizona but finally was picked by a family and taken home.

  Holiday decorations can be dangerous for pets

Keep pets away from tinsel, ornaments, electric lights and trees.

Alligators, snakes seized from home during assault arrest

A 36-year-old man is facing multiple charges including assault and six counts of animal cruelty after police responded to a residence for a domestic violence call.

  ’Narwhal’ staying with rescue; role as therapy dog

The extra feature isn't causing any complications.

  City decides to let the dogs out in the park

The city of Paragould is adding a feature for all their four-legged friends at Harmon Park.

  Overnight house fire in Jonesboro leaves two pets dead

The Jonesboro Fire Department is investigating the cause of the fire.

  GRAPHIC: Man facing charges after ‘sick, malnourished’ dogs found in feces-filled home

A Jonesboro man faces 12 counts of animal cruelty after police say they found a dozen dogs living inside his trash and feces-filled home.

  Animals abused, dumped and left for others to deal with

A no-kill shelter in Greene County is busting at the seams, and animal dumping and abuse are at the root of the problem.

Therapy dogs provide comfort to holiday travelers at Memphis airport

On Tuesday, a team of four-legged furry friends showed up at Memphis International Airport to help relieve some of that stress.

German shepherd with rare genetic condition will remain a ‘puppy’ his entire life

A German shepherd who will remain “puppy-sized” for life due to a condition called Pituitary Dwarfism has become a sensation online.

N.C. man charged $2,300 for walking through ER doors for cat scratch

The man didn't even get the rabies vaccination that day, but if he did, the bill shows it would have been an extra $13,048 charged.

  Students love the teacher’s pet

There is a new student at the Eagle Academy at Greene County Tech, but it’s not the typical student that would first come to mind.

Scientists need 10,000 pets for largest-ever dog study of its kind

Scientists hope the study sheds light on human longevity too.

  Keeping your pets warm in chilly weather: It it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for them

In the cooler temperatures, veterinarians say it’s important not to forget about your pets.

Memphis Zoo hosts naming contest for jaguar cubs

Memphis Zoo is looking for name suggestions for their new jaguar cubs.

U.S. House passes bill making animal cruelty a federal felony

The so-called “PACT Act” specifically bans crushing, burning, drowning and impaling animals, among other things.

  Dog rescued after being stuck on a cliff for days

The rescue took about an hour and a half using a two line system to get him down.

Who wore it best? Dogs model famous celebrity looks

Click through these photos for some Halloween inspiration with your pup.

GRAPHIC: Man cuts through leg with chainsaw; dog saves his life

He began yelling for help and his 1-year-old pup ran to the rescue.

Memphis Zoo announces birth of jaguar cubs

Memphis Zoo announced the birth of baby jaguar cubs. The female jaguars were born on September 4.

Humane Society: Changing seasons means it’s time for a vet visit

Humane Society staff said to set aside this time to focus on your pet’s health.

Before and after: Scruffy pups go full-glam to find forever homes

Volunteers hope the new looks will help these dogs get adopted.

Missouri police seek tips in skinned-alive beagle case

The reward for information in the case of a pet beagle that was skinned alive in southwest Missouri has grown to $8,000

  Wynne animal group asking community for help

One animal group in Cross County intends to shut down unless they get the funding they need after the city decided to cut their funding.

Sheriff: Owner saws off dog’s legs, 3 arrests made

The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office arrested three people in connection to a badly abused dog.

Pit bull dies of snake bites while protecting Florida boys

As they cleaned a water bowl, the two boys didn't see the venomous snake slithering toward them, but the puppy did and attacked it.

  NEA Homes for Dogs slated for Saturday

NEA Homes for Dogs will happen from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Sept. 28 in the parking lot of Coldwell Banker Village Communities at 2704 South Culberhouse Street in Jonesboro.

New program helps MFD locate owners of lost pets

Fire Finders is a first-of-its-kind program is making it easier for lost pets to find their way home.