“This is a significant problem for us in the region”: Rep. Rick Crawford on I-40 Bridge

Congressman Rick Crawford speaks out on the economic impact of closing the I-40 bridge.

Gov. Parson: Mo. to end all federal pandemic-related unemployment benefits

Arkansans speak out regarding unemployment assistance ending

  House GOP leader says he backs ousting Cheney from No. 3 job

Report: Arkansas in foster care crisis, needs more foster homes

  Police: 29 people recovered from semitruck in Texas

  Online speech shield under fire as Trump Facebook ban stays

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  Arkansas to drop out of federal supplemental unemployment program, officials say

Mississippi marijuana proposal hits snag over public notice

  US job growth slows sharply in sign of struggles

  Sen. Boozman meets with Northeast Arkansas leaders

Arkansas Supreme Court: Remove Nine Plant Board members now

  Biden pushes for his big infrastructure plan in GOP stronghold

NY: Broadband companies paid for 8.5 million fake net neutrality comments

The proceeding generated a record-breaking number of comments — more than 22 million — and nearly 18 million were fake, the attorney general’s office found.

Law Expert: Democrats could use budget reconciliation to pass infrastructure priorities

President Biden is hitting the road to promote his sweeping infrastructure plan. He’ll travel to New Orleans and Lake Charles Thursday for another leg of his “Getting America Back on Track Tour.”

  GOV: “In 90 days, we want 50% of Arkansans to be vaccinated.”

To reach the goal, 20.9% of those in Craighead need to get vaccinated. The number is even greater in other Region 8 counties.

  Former GOP chairman running for lieutenant governor

Former Republican Party of Arkansas Chairman Doyle Webb announced Tuesday his candidacy for the office of lieutenant governor.

Former Republican enters Arkansas Attorney General’s race as Democrat

Arkansas session marked by culture wars, coronavirus fights

Gov. Hutchinson signs GIRLS Act into law

Feminine hygiene products in schools bill signed into law

  Citizens raise questions after county judge’s memorial is moved

  State Senate honors late Sen. Linda Collins with memorial resolution

Arkansas lawmakers OK reworked bill that nullifies gun laws

The House early Wednesday morning sent Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson the new proposal declaring invalid in the state any federal gun restrictions enacted on or after Jan. 1, 2021.

  Tennessee governor says COVID-19 no longer statewide public health crisis

Speaking Tuesday, Lee announced a new executive order ending statewide public health orders. It also ends the local authority on mask mandates in 89 counties, not including Shelby County.

  GOV: “Supply is not a problem, just more people need to get them.”

Gov. Asa Hutchinson updates the public on the state of Arkansas's response to COVID-19, including the latest cases and deaths.

House committee endorses proposed gasoline tax increase

If it’s approved, Missouri’s gasoline tax would increase 12.5 cents over five years, resulting in a tax of 29.5 cents per gallon.

Arkansas lawmakers reworking gun law nullification effort

The House State Agencies and Governmental Affairs Committee on Tuesday endorsed the new legislation declaring any federal gun restrictions enacted on or after Jan. 1 invalid and not recognized by the state.

  Craighead County Quorum Court addresses security needs

During the Craighead County Quorum Court meeting on Monday, a presentation was given concerning the security needs of the district court.

Tennessee bill passes to stop executions of intellectually disabled

Tennessee lawmakers on Monday passed legislation designed to prevent death row inmates with an intellectual disability from being executed.

Sen. Hawley introduces bill to create Parent Tax Credit

“Millions of working people want to start a family and would like to care for their children at home, but current policies do not respect these preferences," Hawley said. "American families should be supported, no matter how they choose to care for their kids.”

Lawmakers head back to Little Rock for final week; veto override, state budget in agenda

A possible override of a veto on a 2nd Amendment-related bill and the state’s budget will be major issues lawmakers will tackle as they head back to the Capitol Monday.

Gov. Hutchinson vetoes “Arkansas Sovereignty Act of 2021”; supporters of bill will seek to override veto Monday

Gov. Asa Hutchinson on Friday vetoed the Arkansas Sovereignty Act of 2021, saying the bill would harm the work between federal and state law enforcement.

  Walnut Ridge re-passes firearm ordinance, looks at loosening restrictions

Even though the city re-passed the ordinance banning the usage of firearms and air guns, they did include one exception.

Gov. Hutchinson, legislative leadership discuss state budget; early voting bill approved in Senate

Lawmakers spent Thursday working on several bills as the state's legislative session draws to a close.

Water filling stations now required in Arkansas schools

The days of Arkansas students lining up at the water fountain after recess will soon become history.

  1M vaccines administered in Arkansas but “more shots in arms needed”

A North Little Rock college student became the one-millionth person in Arkansas to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. But the governor says more shots in arms are needed.

  Local distilleries now able to distribute own products

Postmaster Spirits hasn’t been around too long, but owner Ross Jones has already made its impact felt throughout the state.

GIRLS Act, 2nd Amendment bills approved in legislature, abortion bill signed into law

Lawmakers approve several bills as the session winds down.

  Tennessee lawmakers set to vote on measure banning choke holds and no-knock warrants

This week, the Tennessee Senate passed a measure that would require law enforcement agencies to create use-of-force policies. A House committee will vote on the measure Wednesday.

  County confirming voter registration records through mail

The clerk’s office started sending out mailers about two weeks ago.

DACA students can now receive professional licenses

DACA students can now receive professional licenses after Gov. Asa Hutchinson signed a bill into law Monday.

Bill could require school nurses to undergo additional training

A new bill discussed at the state capitol could require more training for school nurses.

Gov. Hutchinson looking to make ‘America Strong and Free’

In an exclusive Sunday interview with content partner Talk Business & Politics, Hutchinson said he plans to start a political action effort for education advocacy and to raise money for GOP candidates across the United States.

Budget, courts, 2nd Amendment, constitutional amendments on agenda this week at Capitol

There are several major issues on the agenda this week at the state Capitol in Little Rock as lawmakers continue work before a scheduled recess on April 30.

  Navalny’s team calls for protests amid reports of failing health

On Saturday, a doctor said test results that he received from Navalny’s family showed sharply elevated levels of potassium, which could lead to cardiac arrest, and signs of kidney failure.

US, China agree to cooperate on climate crisis with urgency

Biden has pledged the U.S. will switch to an emissions-free power sector within 14 years, and have an entirely emissions-free economy by 2050.

  NEA leaders meet to discuss economic development

Concerns over economic development in Region 8 caused local leaders to meet Friday to unite and find ways to keep money in Northeast Arkansas.

  Era ends as Raul Castro steps down as Communist Party chief

The 89-year-old Castro made the announcement in a speech Friday at the opening of the eighth congress of the ruling party, the only one allowed on the island.

New law to help educate, help Arkansans impacted by Alzheimer’s and dementia

The law created the Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Advisory Council in the state of Arkansas, plus provided for the implementation of a state Alzheimer’s plan.

  Barnett sworn in as Randolph County Judge

Previous Judge David Jansen announced his retirement back in March after 16 years in office, due to cancer. Jansen passed the gavel off to Barnett with many in attendance surprising Jansen as he prepares for retirement.

  Pocahontas community honors officer killed 30 years ago Thursday

On April 15, 1991, Pocahontas officer Scotty Lee Bennett was killed in the line of duty. Memorials and tributes are laced throughout Pocahontas City Hall and the Pocahontas Police Department.

  Sarah Sanders raises nearly $5M for Arkansas governor’s race

Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders’ campaign says she has raised nearly $5 million over the past three months in her bid to be Arkansas’ next governor.

  Arkansas Senate approves Johnny Cash Day in state

The Arkansas state Senate on Thursday approved a state memorial day in honor of the Man in Black.

  Arkansas House votes to end state’s ‘Confederate Flag Day’

The Arkansas House has overwhelmingly approved a proposal to end a day that commemorates the Confederate flag.

  ‘We’re excited:’ Rural superintendents react to increase in teacher salary

Highland Supt. Don Sharp and Cave City Supt. Steve Green say they’ve been preparing for this bill over the past few years and they’re excited to see it get passed.

Several Region 8 elected officials take stand on Second Amendment

Several bills regarding protecting gun rights continue to move on in the Arkansas General Assembly.

Renters bill passes Ark. Senate, heads to the House

A bill that seeks to meet basic standards for tenants passed the Arkansas Senate on Tuesday.

  Alternative to initial hate crimes bill signed into law

Gov. Asa Hutchinson signed SB622 into law Wednesday.

  Hutchinson: “Don’t wait, we’re in a race against time and need to avoid another spike in cases.”

“No one should delay getting a vaccination just because of Johnson & Johnson issue,” said Hutchinson.

Pandemic paperwork backlog leaves Veterans in limbo

"I’m [part] crying because of my father-in-law, and I’m [part] just livid that this is the state we’re in," said Melissa Hoaglan, relative of a recently deceased service member.

Hate crimes, teacher salaries, Gabo’s Law on agenda this week at Capitol

The House is expected to vote Monday on SB622, a bill that would delay release from prison for certain offenders until the offender has served at least 80% of his or her sentence if the suspect purposely targeted the victim.

  Region 8 reacts to Biden executive action on guns

The Second Amendment has been argued over for decades. And with the increasing number of mass shootings in America, the flames of debate are only growing stronger.

Group to study more justices, term limits for Supreme Court

President Joe Biden has ordered a study of adding seats to the Supreme Court, creating a commission that will spend the next 180 days examining the incendiary political issues of expanding the court and instituting term limits for its justices.

  Private sales emerge as obstacle to Senate action on guns

Democrats in Congress are trying to pass the first major gun control legislation in more than two decades.

Barnett tabbed to replace Jansen as Randolph Co. Judge

In a 5-4 vote, the Randolph County Quorum Court voted to select Ronald Barnett as the new County Judge over three other candidates.

  Biden orders gun control actions — but they show his limits

Greeting the families of gun violence victims and activists, he assured them: “We’re absolutely determined to make change.”

  A-State SGA, College Republicans react to trans health bill

Arkansas State’s student government is taking a stand against the bill that they say limits the rights of transgender minors.

  State Senate confirms appointment of Dr. Jose Romero as Secretary of Health

The State Senate on Thursday voted 25-8 to confirm the appointment of Dr. Jose Romero as Arkansas Secretary of Health after a debate on the Senate floor.

Permitless carry bill becomes law with Tennessee governor’s signature

It allows Tennesseans over 21 and members of the military over 18 to carry a handgun without a permit. It also includes tougher penalties for gun-related crimes.

  Will controversial transgender laws hurt Arkansas?

State lawmakers in the Republican-dominated legislature overrode Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s veto of House Bill 1570 by a large margin.

  ADH: Community spread of COVID-19 still happening; minority population need vaccine

Hutchinson wanted to emphasize the importance of getting vaccines out to Arkansas’ minority community, which is behind in terms of their vaccination compared to their percent of the population.

SB622, GIRLS Act head to state Senate for busy week in legislature

It will be a busy week at the state Capitol in Little Rock as a hate crimes related bill moves to a Senate committee Monday and the GIRLS Act heads to the Senate for a vote.

  Bill passes to keep Pine Tree Research Station land open to public

After months of fighting, the Pine Tree Research Station land will stay open to the public.

Supreme Court sides with Facebook in text message dispute

The case was brought by a man who received text messages from Facebook notifying him that an attempt had been made to log in to his account from a new device or browser.

Groups collaborate to help Arkansas renters stay in their home

Evictions continue across Arkansas despite a moratorium blocking evictions until June 30, according to renter advocacy groups.

  Greitens discusses political past, present, future as he enters U.S. Senate race

Eric Greitens wanted to talk about his political present and future as he seeks his party’s nomination for Senate in 2022.

“Aggravating circumstances” bill filed in state Senate

A bill that would delay the release of certain offenders until the offender has served at least 80 percent of his or her sentence, if the person purposely selected their victim, was filed Thursday in the Arkansas legislature.

Arkansas lawmakers vote to prevent mask mandate’s return

Arkansas lawmakers are advancing a plan to prevent the state from reimposing a mask mandate to prevent the spread of the coronavirus after Gov. Asa Hutchinson lifted it.

Bill works to prevent Arkansas seniors from being scammed

A new bill in the Arkansas Legislature looks to prevent the senior population of Arkansas from being scammed.

  Tate new mayor in Lake City

Cameron Tate is the new mayor of Lake City, according to unofficial voting results from Craighead County Election Coordinator Jennifer Clack.