Tampon Shortage? A Bloody Convenient Time to try Modibodi Period Underwear

Published: Jun. 23, 2022 at 7:26 PM CDT

LOS ANGELES , June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- If you've been following the news, it's hard to miss - we're in a tampon shortage. Gas prices, baby formula and now tampons - what a bloody convenient time to try a reusable alternative.  Enter Modibodi, the #1 period and leak-proof underwear in Australia and ranked #4 globally for their life-changing apparel, a brand that's changing the game and changing lives.

“At Modibodi, we’re proud to be leading a revolution with our range of absorbent underwear,...
“At Modibodi, we’re proud to be leading a revolution with our range of absorbent underwear, activewear, maternity wear, swimwear and reusable nappies, that’s changing the lives of our customers, and life on our planet, every day.” says Kristy Chong, Modibodi Founder & CEO.(PRNewswire)

This day and age, women demand a lot more from their personal hygiene products. With so many options on the market, long-gone are the days of basic functionality - menstrual products not only need to work, but also need to make an impact in women's lives and communities, so that all women can do what they love without sacrificing comfort. Modibodi offers a diverse collection of reusable period- and incontinence-proof underwear, swimwear and activewear, striving to give all bodies more confidence and comfort, as well as a more environmentally sustainable solution to disposable hygiene products.

Spend just $30 on a pair of Modibodi undies that'll absorb your period and they will keep you covered for up to 3+ years' worth of periods. A better option for your period, your wallet and the planet.

In the States specifically, these conversations are more important than ever: a year's supply of tampons and pads costs upwards of $70 and are not covered by US welfare safety nets, which negatively impacts many disadvantaged communities. In fact, 27 states still deem period products "luxury items" and not medically necessary.

To combat this major social justice issue, Modibodi actively supports social causes and organizations like Support The Girls, The Sustainable Period Project, as well as their own initiative, Give A Pair, which provides underwear to women in need around the globe.

With sizes available from 4XS-6XL, styles fitting every bodi and absorbency ranging from Super Light (one tampon) to Maxi-24hrs (10 tampons), Modibodi is ready to onboard every journey with you.

For additional information on Modibodi, please visit www.modibodi.com. For press, media & partnership requests, please contact kelly@eightsixtysouth.com.

About Modibodi

Founded in 2013, Modibodi® is Australia's original sustainable leak-proof apparel brand, designing underwear, swimwear, active wear, reusable nappies, maternity and postpartum wear to replace disposable hygiene products and offer a sustainable solution to manage periods, incontinence, discharge, breast milk leaks and sweat.

Media Contact: Kelly Howard kelly@eightsixtysouth.com

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