It's National Night Out

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Police say neighbors watching out for each other is the best deterrent against crime.

National Night Out is all about  taking back your neighborhoods!

It's a chance to turn on your porch light and get to know your neighbors.

Who knows what's going on in your neighborhood? who's watching out for you and your home.

Corporal Kevin Foust from the Jonesboro Police Department said, "People in our neighborhoods and in our community can help us. "

National Night Out is a chance to meet and greet those people that have your back.

Police, fire, EMS and most especially your own neighbors.

Mary Ellen Warner is part of the West End Historical Association, they are on their 4th year. "That's part of the purpose of this event. Just to build relationships and we can see the response after this is our fourth year we've got a bigger crowd coming this year."

As a whole Americans don't visit over the back fence anymore, sometimes we don't even know who lives next door.

Foust, "The concept behind it is knowing your neighbors, visiting with your neighbors. It's about communicating with each other about crime when you see it."

For law enforcement one of the best deterrents is neighbor watching out for neighbor.

Foust, "They know what goes on in their neighborhoods, they know the people that are coming and going. Lot of time they can tell you vehicles, tag numbers and descriptions of people."

But your neighbors can't help you if they don't know you or you don't know them.

Warner, "We love where we live and we just want to meet our neighbors as often as we can and build up relationships so we can come together for different things."

Knowing someone has your back is very reassuring whether calling 911 for a fire, injury or crime. It's important for neighbors to help neighbors.

Cpl. Foust, "We need that help from the community, We can't do it all by ourselves."

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