ASU move-in day

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) Operation move in comes to a close at Arkansas State University.  Tonight, freshman are putting the finishing touches to their new homes.  Hundreds of volunteers were at Kays Hall on the ASU campus Saturday morning, helping incoming freshman relocate their lives.

Several area churches helped freshman and their families move personal belongings into the dorms.

"If you can remember back, those of you that were in college, to that transition, that first day you were dropped off, there's all kinds of emotions and thoughts and fears.  We want them to know that they have friends here.  There are people that they can count on if they need anything and there's a place to plug in when they get here," said Dan Reeves with the Central Baptist Church.

The first day of class at ASU is Monday.  More than 300 members of Central Baptist Church volunteered this morning.