JPD, PROWL Unit make arrests in prostitution sting

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Jonesboro Police say 3 women and 6 men face prostitution related charges after an undercover operation on Huntington Avenue.

"It's no secret what goes on down on Huntington Avenue," said one JPD officer.

Police say part of the goal is to get prostitutes, and those looking for them, off the streets.  The woman posing as a prostitute in the operation was actually a Jonesboro Police Officer.  Region 8 News is concealing the officer's  identity.

"I just walked down the sidewalk and waited for somebody to stop me and talk to me, and I would just take the conversation from there," said the undercover officer.

It's a problem police say they're fed up with.  Huntington resident Sam Pardew says he is too.

"It's very common and I have had to call police at different times," said Pardew.

Pardew says  prostitution has been a problem on Huntington for years and welcomes any police presence that will help curb it.

"Lately it has thinned out.   I think they're doing a good job of doing what they can do when they can do it," said Pardew.

Over the course of the two day operation,  Jonesboro Police say they arrested 9 people in all.  Police say cleaning up that area is part of the reason for this effort--but it's not the only one.

"A lot of these women that work down there have diseases and these guys bring those diseases home with them.   That's also a concern for us.   They call prostitution a victimless crime, but it's really not because of that right there," said one JPD officer.

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