Glen Rose, Ark., man recovering from ordeal at sea

GLEN ROSE, Ark. (AP) - Matt Hughes is recuperating at his home in the Glen Rose community outside of Malvern after plunging 80 to 90 feet into the Gulf of Mexico to escape the April 20 blast that shook the Deepwater Horizon oil rig where he worked.

With support from his wife, Brandi, and surrounded by a close family that lives nearby, the 26-year-old Hughes said everyone's prayers have helped him through the ordeal. He says he knows he's safe now, but that was hard to remember when storms passed through Glen Rose the day after he got home.

He said all the thunder upset him, and he couldn't stop shaking. Hughes said he was the first one to jump from the rig after an explosion, and was rescued from the Gulf of Mexico by a nearby supply boat.

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