School board member resigns after posting gay slurs on facebook

PLEASANT PLAINS, AR (KAIT)- An Independence County school board member at the center of an international controversy says he is stepping down. On CNN Thursday night, Clint McCance announced he is resigning his post on the Midland School Board. McCance drew international outrage when he posted on his facebook page that all gay kids should kill themselves.

Thursday night he said it was a "hateful, hurtful thing" to do. " I made some ignorant comments. I did not realize just how ignorant they were. I went back and looked over it. I don't support suicide of any kids. I don't support bullying of any kids" stated McCance.

Protesters on both sides of the issue faced off in Pleasant Plains. "I would say they need to pick up their signs, their rainbows and their boyfriends or whatever and head back to the city and leave us alone" says McCance supporter Matt Martin while opponent of McCance, Kristian Martin says "people in this area can be so closed-minded and they don't understand that the children they're talking about could one day be their children or their grandchildren or somebody that's close to them. It hits home."

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