Region 8 man takes on burger challenge

By Amanda Hanson - bio | email feedback

MARMADUKE, AR (KAIT) - Carol's Place Restaurant in Marmaduke is known for it's jumbo burgers. But over the past month, it's turned into who can eat the biggest burger. It's a competition that's built-up excitement around the whole town. And Friday, one man attempted to tackle 6 patties in 25 minutes in a battle of man versus burger.

The battle was sizzling, as the grill master stacked the competition of man versus burger. "I had to see if he could do it," explained one resident.

And it was a big burger. Six patties, twelve pieces of cheese, three strips of bacon, between two slices of bread. Washed down with a pound of french fries, and a 32 oz. Ice cold beverage. The challenge? Finish everything in 25 minutes!

"I've seen him eat, but this is going to be something to watch," said another resident.

Allen Farmer saved his appetite, and was beefed up to tackle the jumbo five pounder. It was so big, he couldn't even get his mouth around it.

His strategy was to cut the burger in sections and shovel it in one bite as a time. "I would pick it up with my hands and it. Allen says it's dry, so I would put ketchup all over it," said a woman, who was watching the event go down.

Supporters cheered him on, while some wagered in on the competition. "I got a ten dollar bet going saying he can do it," said one resident.

But about 15 minutes in, his stomach started feeling the pain. Even though Farmer continued to push through, and started to make a dent in the plate. In the end, he just couldn't "ketchup" to the clock.

While Farmer wasn't able to win this battle, others are already lined up to take on the challenge. Some even looking ahead to seven and eight patties.

The owners at Carol's Place Restaurant say if someone finishes the entire meal in 25 minutes, the meal's on the house.

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