Numerous roads remain closed due to flooding

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Numerous roads remain under water across Arkansas, Missouri, and Tennessee.

The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department has closed Interstate 40 across the White River.  Sections of the highway remain in a foot or more of water as the near record flood covers the road.  The eastbound detour on I-40 starts for both cars and trucks at Hazen Exit 193. Cars can get back onto I-40 at Brinkley by taking Highway 79. Trucks have to take an alternative route down to Lake Village and cross the Mississippi River into Greenville. They can enter back onto I-40 from Highway 61 to Memphis.

Spokesman Glenn Bolick said the detour separation was made for safety reasons and because Highway 79 isn't built to withstand truck traffic.  The westbound detour remains the same, with both cars and trucks exiting at Brinkley Exit 216 and re-entering from Highway 67 to Little Rock.

U.S. 67 is closed south of Pocahontas to the Lawrence-Randolph County line.  A nearly mile lone stretch of the road has water rushing over the road.  Searchers are looking in the waters along that highway for a woman that was reported missing earlier in the week.  Her car was found in the area, but not her.

U.S. 412 west of Walnut Ridge to the U.S. 63 intersection remains closed.  Arkansas highway 226 between Cash and the U.S. 67 interchange remains closed Saturday morning according to the AHTD website.  In Jackson and Independence Counties, Arkansas highway 14 west of Newport to near Oil Trough is under water.  Arkansas highway 37 across the Black River at Elgin is also closed.

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