Local Charities May Need Your Help

Christie Jordan, Executive Director at NEA Food Bank, says they're having a tough time making donations stretch.

"More people are in need so it's just not going as far as it has in the past."

She says families needs are high because of the economy and by the end of the year, it many not get any better .

"We've seen some families that are having a harder time making ends meet we've seen some families that have lost jobs."

According to Jordan this year has already been tough.

"This year we have already distributed as much food at this point as we did for the entire year last year and we haven't been through our two busiest months and we've already distributed 1.4 million pounds of food."

City Youth Ministries holds a Christmas program every year for local youth and their families. Director Bonnie May says City Youth's connection to United Way adds to their success.

"Each family will receive a sack of canned goods to take them through the holidays and then each child will receive a sack that includes items for Christmas."

May says not only will donations help in the coming months but they set the tone for the following year.

"A lot of the time holiday gifts take us through the new year so we're very dependant on holiday and year end giving."

The spirit of giving is what the holiday season is all about.