Break down of Amber Alert levels

UNDATED (KAIT)- Saturday morning a level I Morgan Nick Amber Alert was issued for five year old Leona Murphy. Within two hours of the activated alert, police did find Murphy safe, but how does law enforcement determine the level of the amber alert?

The amber alert system has two different levels, with the Arkansas State Police as the coordinator for the system operations. The primary differences between the two is how the information is distributed, how it is aired to the public, and how frequently it airs.

The Arkansas State Police Amber Alert Field Operations Manual says a level one amber alert is delivered through the Emergency Alert System, which a national public warning system that can also be used by state and local authorities to get out emergency information. The announcement is required to be broadcast twice during the first hour, and then continue once every hour afterwards for not more than two hours, or until the missing child or infant is found.

If the infant or child does not meet the criteria to activate a level one, EAS notification, a level two amber alert is another option for a local law enforcement agency who is looking for assistance. A mass notification will be sent from an e-mail list server maintained by the Arkansas State Police, with e-mail addresses of local law enforcement agencies, news media, and other public agencies with broadcasting capabilities.

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