Region 8

For 22 years James Burnett served his country proudly.

When war broke out Burnett couldn't wait, secretly enlisting as a 16 year old boy.

On the Eve of Veteran's Day, his community and his local church said thank you.

Giving Burnett a special display box filled with memories of his time serving the nation.

((James Burnett: What can you say without getting emotional about it? It's a fine church and alot of good people in this church))

The gift took Burnett by surprise.

He had no idea about the ceremony.

Along with the display box being filled with his achievements and pictures.

((Jerry Boeing: Retired to put this together in a display box... it is just a momento box this is something customary within the military branches.))

((Ron Smiley: Veterans were not the only ones remembered on this day as Grace Baptist Church took time out to pray for soldiers currently living abroad.))

((I believe it is by the grace of God we have been victorious.))

While a nation is thankful, Burnett and other veterans have lived a soldiers nightmares.

Saying while times have changed they still have a special bond with today's soldier and the dangerous tasks they face.

((James Burnett: I just... its hard to say... I feel sorry for our troops being there under the conditions that they are.... hands are tied.))

However Burnett understands the necessity of the situation, praying for a quick resolution and for our soldiers to make it home.

In order to celebrate, a day is set aside just for them.

In Jonesboro, with phojournalist Daniel Westerhold, Ron Smiley K8 news.