Saddam Hussein Captured and in Coalition Custody

Sunday December 14, 2003 -- Posted at 9:00 p.m. CDT

First, Americans watched as his statue fell in Baghdad. Today, many celebrated again as news that United States forces had captured Saddam Hussein spread across the country.  It was one of the most intensive manhunts U.S. forces have ever conducted and it's finally over. Without firing a shot, American soldiers captured a heavily bearded Saddam Hussein in an underground hide-out on a farm near his hometown of Tikrit.

A commander says U.S. forces were led to the area on a tip from a member of a family he describes as ``close'' to the former Iraqi dictator. In an address to the nation, President Bush said, "Now Saddam will face the justice he's denied to millions of people."

U.S. officials played a video at a news conference. It showed the 66-year-old Saddam in custody, with a thick, graying beard and bushy, messed-up hair. A doctor was shown examining him, feeling his scalp and holding his mouth open with a tongue depressor apparently to get a DNA sample. Saddam blinked and touched his beard during the exam. Then the video showed a picture of Saddam after he was shaved.