The walls of Indian Mall will soon come down

Published: Jan. 17, 2012 at 6:13 PM CST|Updated: Jan. 18, 2012 at 10:44 AM CST
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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – The old Indian Mall has been closed since November of 2008.

Over the years, a topic of discussion has been what will happen to it, and it seems now there will be a conclusion to this story.

In the near future, it appears that Sears will have a huge parking lot all to itself very soon.

Outside the mall, orange safety fences are going up because the mall is coming down.

Fred Kohart of Kohart Surplus and Salvage from Paulding, Ohio says the demolition will be done in a couple of phases.

Kohart, "We're just doing the interior demolition right now which we will be doing for a couple of weeks. Then we will start on the exterior."

Sears will stay open during the demolition and beyond. Currently a wall is under construction in the old mall entrance.

Before Kohart's guys can get to the frame of the building, they have to clean out all the walls, carpet and other junk that has been left behind. Many stores, like the old Dillard's left counters and tables and racks still in the building. At the old Penny's it looks like mental entrails hanging from the ceiling. Kohart says that has to go first.

@"We will try and get out all the wood and garbage the landfill will take first. Then get it down to the metal and brick structure."

There has been some scrapping done of interior fixtures and Kohart says once the inside is gutted what comes out of the building has to be gone over before it leaves the site.

Kohart, "We will try to separate the metal from the brick. Dispose of the brick and sell the metal."

The city of Jonesboro will be using the old brick and concrete as fill. Everything else will go.

In spite of how much stuff there is here in the old mall, Fred says the demolition isn't really going to take that long.

"We're planning on being done by the end of March." Kohart says, "Don't know what is going to happen after we're done."

Kohart says they have to get as much metal as possible to sell to make it worth the cost.

"The biggest thing is separating everything out and stuff like that because we want to make as much clean fill as we can."

All this requires, machines and manpower. Kohart says there will be some local hiring done.

Kohart, "We're probably gonna try and hire some local people. We've got a contractor who is going to be subcontracting, doing some hauling and stuff like that for us. And we'll probably sell all the metal locally."

Kohart says he expects the demolition to be complete in March.

No word yet on what will replace the old mall, but we hope to find out the future plans in the coming days. Keep checking and for updates.

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