Arkansas Congressman Seeks to Amend Recently Changed Safety Rules for Trucking

MARCH 19, 2004 - Posted at 6:15 p.m. CDT

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Congressman John Boozman wants to introduce an amendment that would change trucking safety rules so that they resemble old rules that were considered dangerous.

Boozman and 57 other House members wrote a letter today to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee asking them to amend rules that were just changed in January.

Boozman's letter argues that truckers should be able to count customer service stops, meals and traffic jams as time off.  Safety rules limit the amount of hours truckers can spend on the road in a given day.  The Department of Transportation says the rules from January counts all time working as time on the road to prevent fatigue.

Boozman says short-haul trucking companies are hurt by the new rules because their drivers take shorter trips, and yet must use up their time stocking shelves or having clients sign account sheets.

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