Texas Woman Says She Was Raped; Investigation Linked to Possible Serial Killer with Region 8 Ties

APRIL 7, 2004 - Posted at 5:49 p.m. CDT

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - A Texas woman says she was raped in Oklahoma City by a truck driver who said he likes to kill.

Authorities in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi are looking for a possible serial killer who targets prostitutes and say a truck driver may be responsible.

The Texas woman says she agreed to have sex with the man for $100, then he said he didn't have the money and raped her.

The woman says she asked if he was going to kill her and he said he likes doing that, but wouldn't kill her.

She says the man is white, in his late thirties to early forties, about 6-feet-6 inches tall and weighs more than 300 pounds.

In the possible serial killer case, the bodies of seven women who were linked to prostitution have been found near interstates in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi.  Most were last seen at a truck stop.

The Arkansas death occured last summer, when the body of a Memphis woman with a past record of prostitution was found near an Interstate-40 exit ramp in Crittenden County.  Police say the woman had last been seen at a West Memphis truck stop.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)