Opening Statements in Billy Green Trial

May 13, 2004--Posted at 11:15 p.m. CDT

POCAHONTAS, AR--Randolph County prosecutors say Billy Green shot Carl Elliot, beat Elliot's wife and son to death, kidnapped their little girl, stuck her in a trash can for two days, then killed her and dumped the body a half mile from Green's home.  That was the gist of opening statements from prosecutors in the capitol murder trial of Billy Dale Green.

And prosecutors say they'll prove Green's guilt even without a single piece of physical evidence to show Green committed the murders. Even before opening statements Billy Green was obviously not happy with the way things are going.

"I need you guys to come over to the jail and talk to me. No matter what anybody says, I say I want to talk to you. Billy Green says it's ok," said Green on his way into court.

While in court, Green appeared agitated on a number of occasions.

In opening statements, assistant prosecutor Richard Castleman outlined the state's case saying that this was revenge for the theft of $10,000 worth of pot plants.

Chad Green, Billy's son will testify that he was there when his dad killed Carl Elliott with .22 caliber rifle then dumped him in the river.

Chad will also say afterwards, his dad went to the Elliot home and took a tire iron and beat Lisa Elliott and Gregory Elliott to death, wrapped Felicia Elliott in a blanket and put her in the trunk of the car, took her back to chad's place, duct taped her and stuffed her in a trash can for two days, then killed her and dumped her body a half mile from Billy's house.

Castleman said a fellow inmate, Willie Scott Moffett will also testify to several things Billy told him, including "they'll never catch us, we cleaned it up, too good."

"Carl Elliot that skinny little "bas****" is tougher than I thought he was."

and "people get killed when they don't pay their bills. When you owe the dope money; man you're a** gets burned."

But in his opening statement, defense attorney Steve Harper says Chad, actually killed the Elliots and looking to save himself from the death penalty, took a plea deal and will lie about Billy's invovlement.

Harper also told the jury this case has a lot of puzzle pieces and many of those puzzle pieces simply won't fit.  And if it doesn't fit, you can't force it.

At the end of the day, Billy Green said he might testify and might talk to K8 news on Friday.

The jury also heard testimony from former sheriff Rob Sammons and two state police investigators about the crime and crime scene.  The eight women and four men got a look at more than 30 crime scene photos, some of them extremely graphic in nature.