Heavy Rains and Winds Prove to be Costly

May 30, 2004 - Posted 11:00 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR-- While there were reports of tornadoes late Sunday evening in Poinsett Co.,  it looks like heavy winds and rains caused the most damage.

 Several trees were reported downed shortly aftereight o’clock in Jonesboro.  One tree at the corner of Elm and Haven, near the library, fell into a home.  Thankfully, no one was hurt and damage was minimal.  The downtown area must have been hard hit as numerous trees were reported down in a radius of just a few blocks.

Outside of town near Trumann, a semi-truck was apparently pushed over by high winds and heavy rains.  Police say the driver was fine after the truck flipped and came to a rest between the north and south lanes of Highway 63.  Traffic was slowed for a bit, but did not back up more than a few hundred feet while officers waited to have the truck towed.

Heavy rains caused some minor flooding in certain areas.  On North Patrick Road in Jonesboro a pick-up truck had to be removed from a six foot deep ditch.  The driver was OK and told police he lost control when he could not see the road due to heavy rains.