Happy Father's Day

Today is the day for proud Fathers everywhere.

Glen Putman is a proud Father at the Walnut Street Baptist Church.

Before he celebrated his own Father's day he talked to his congregation about his heavenly Father.

((Glen Putman; Pastor Walnut Street baptist Church: The heavenly Father is always searching to be in a relationship with us and we should be seeking one with him.))

As with any Father's day, families think they know the best way to their Dad's heart.... great food, attention, and bad gifts.

((Joel George; Proud Father of 2: That's true I got candy.))

((Don Foster; Grandfather: You know I don't think I got any gifts. I tell them that coming is a gift good enough for me.))

After a big meal it was time for some much needed R&R.

((Shane Mcginis; Proud Father: Real special real proud to be here.))

For Mcginis being a Father is not only a privlege but a responsibility as well.

((Being there for them and doing what you have to do.))

Which brings us back to Pastor Putman and his definition of a good Dad.

((A Father is important he is one that brings influence and brings direction.))

While many argue Father's Day takes a back seat to Mother's Say.... I think most Dad's wouldn't have it any other way.

In Jonesboro Ron Smiley K8 news.