Portia Celebrates 99th Annual Fourth of July Picnic

July 3, 2004--Posted at 9:00 p.m. CDT

PORTIA --Portia's 99th annual picnic in the park offers games, rides, and of course food.

Kids of all ages enjoy this time with family and friends, and even recall childhood memories of past picnics in the park.

"I came here the first time when I was six years old, and I just wanted to come back to see if things were the same,"said Batesville resident Carl Camden.

"I went to the Portia Picnic every year my whole life,"said Walnut Ridge native Mary Holder.

"I have never missed a one, so it just comes natural,"said Holder.

If games and rides aren't what you are looking for, the Portia picnic offers a more relaxing attraction.

Now there were other live events attracting folks to the park.

Several elected Democratic officials made their way to Portia today.

Many enjoying the picnic today said the showcase of political figures keep the crowds coming back year after year.

Now, if you couldn't make it to Portia for the Fourth of July picnic in the park on Saturday, there will be plenty more to enjoy on Sunday.